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Sveriges Historia Nyheter

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I spend this website many hours each week to share my knowledge and experience from the areas of Astronomy, Cars and Travels. Most pages are written in English that is not my own native language, so do not judge me too hard if you find grammatical errors and more.

Welcome to my home !

Astrofriend's homepage

Since 2002


(these pages could be a mix of Swedish and English)



Here I have collected news I found interesting.

Technology, Astronomy, Cars, Travels etc.

29 maj, 2023 Sweden Resor till sjöss

Min fars äventyr som sjöman under åren 1937 till 1945:

  • Vem har inte drömt om att göra en jorden runt resa någon gång i sitt liv. Min pappa Evert gjorde det redan innan han var 20 år fyllda. Han mönstrade på handelsfartyg och hamnade ända borta i Kina och andra länder i Asien. Det här skedde delvis under Andra Världskriget, det var många fartyg som gick under från minor och torpeder, även svenska fartyg. Tre av fartygen han var på förliste pga detta, dock något efter att han mönstrat av. Trevligt nog har jag en hel del bilder till pappas alla berättelser om de här 7 åren till sjöss. Denna spännande historia kan ni följa här:

    travel/ world/ evert-at-sea-1937-1945/ 01-evert-at-sea-start-sv.html
    (Min fars äventyr till havs åren 1937 - 1945)

Uppdatering (inlagda på befintliga sidor):
Elsvetsen Evert utbildade sig på, sid 1
Minor utanför England, Sjöfarten och kriget, sid 7
Norska protester, Tysk syn på konvojerna, sid 9
Kvarhållna fartyg, sid 10
Ett besök i maskinrummet på en ångisbrytare, sid 13
Reguljär förbindelse med Island, Fartyg på svarta listan, sid 26

My father's adventures at sea, 1937 - 1945

Vid ett besök i museehamnen 2023 på Djurgården testkörde de ångmaskinen på isbrytaren Sankt Erik. Vi kunde gå ned i maskinrummet och se ångmaskinen i arbete, se här: Video Sankt Eriks ångmaskin

Other history related:

My father's adventures at sea, 1937 - 1945

18 maj, 2023 Sweden Historia, Karlberg

Andra saker om Sveriges historia:

Avrättning och galgplatser i Stockholm

May 20, 2023 Travel Europe

All eight days online.

Other travels in Europe:

Southern Germany plans, 2023

April 20, 2023 Astronomy, galaxy

The last astrophoto this season, the galaxy IC 4874. It's in the middle of the Coma Cluster:

The galaxy NGC 4874 galaxy:

astronomy/ astronomy-photo/ comets/ astronomy-photo-galaxies.html Other galaxy photos.

Galaxy NGC 4874, 2023 Sweden

April 19, 2023 Astronomy, galaxy

Photography of galaxy IC 4020. It's the same for this galaxy as for the M86 galaxy, it's all the galaxies that surrounds it that makes it interesting:

The galaxy IC 4020 galaxy:

astronomy/ astronomy-photo/ comets/ astronomy-photo-galaxies.html Other galaxy photos.

Galaxies IC 4020, 2023 Sweden

April 18, 2023 Astronomy, galaxy

Photography of galaxy M64, Black Eye Galaxy. It's the same for this galaxy as M86, it's all the galaxies that surrounds it that makes it interesting:

The galaxy M64 and its surrounding galaxies:

astronomy/ astronomy-photo/ comets/ astronomy-photo-galaxies.html Other galaxy photos.

Galaxies M64, 2023 Sweden

April 19, 2023 Astronomy: Tutorial

Meridian flip and stacking, page 7
Adjust the flat calibration with a fake bias, page 6
Dark calibration analyze, page 5
Calibration test, page 4
More details on page 2 and 3

Other astronomy tutorials:

Tutorial: Siril for pre processing astrophotography

April 17, 2023 Astronomy, galaxy

Photography of galaxy M86. It's not the galaxy itself that is so interesting, it's all the galaxies that's surrounding it:

The galaxy M86 and its surrounding galaxies:

astronomy/ astronomy-photo/ comets/ astronomy-photo-galaxies.html Other galaxy photos.

Galaxies M86, 2023 Sweden

15 april, 2023 Sweden Astronomi, Historier

Andra astronomihistorier:

En kvällstur till Björnö, 2023

April 16, 2023 Astronomy, galaxy

One more photo of the pair of galaxies M81 & M82. I'm in hurry now, not many dark nights left this season:

The galaxies M81 & M82:

astronomy/ astronomy-photo/ comets/ astronomy-photo-galaxies.html Other galaxy photos.

Galaxies M81 & M82, 2023 Sweden

April 12, 2023 Astronomy, nebula

Now it's very bright at nights, maybe the last deep sky object this season, the nebula NGC 7023:

The nebula NGC 7023, Iris Nebula:

astronomy/ astronomy-photo/ nebulas/ astronomy-photo-nebulas.html Other nebulas.

Nebula NGC 7023, 2023 Sweden

March 24, 2023 Astronomy: Astronomy Project

Prototype setup, page 4
Purchasing needed components, page 3

Other astronomy projects:

Stepper motor driver

March 17, 2023 Astronomy, double star

Meet my three new friends up on the night sky:

Chi Draconis, Cor Caroli and Grumium are double stars:

Other double stars:

Chi Draconis spectroscopic double star, 2023 Sweden
Chi Draconis
Cor Caroli binary star, 2023 Sweden
Cor Caroli
Grumium binary star, 2023 Sweden

March 15, 2023 Cars, Chrysler Crossfire wheels angles:

Other DIY repair tips for Chrysler Crossfire (Mercedes):

Chrysler Crossfire: Toe-in measurement

March 12, 2023 Astronomy: Tutorial

Added alternative with color calibration in Siril, page 0.3 bottom

Other astronomy tutorials:

Tutorial: Gimp for astrophotography

March 10, 2023 Astronomy, planetary nebula and global cluster

My Pentax 645 300 mm f/4 lens closing in to perfection. What happens when I try to photograph small planetary nebulas or small globular clusters ? Objects that's normally taken with at least three times longer focal lengths:

The planetary nebula M57:

The global cluster M92:

astronomy/ astronomy-photo/ open-clusters/ astronomy-photo-planetary-nebulas.html Other planetary nebulas.

astronomy/ astronomy-photo/ globular-clusters/ astronomy-photo-globular-clusters.html Other global clusters photos.

Planetary nebula M57, 2023 Sweden

Global cluster M92, 2023 Sweden

March 9, 2023 Astronomy: Project

Auto focus during a session, page 15
Focus and temperature, page 15

Other astronomy projects:

Pentax 645 300 mm f/4 ED lens

March 4, 2023 Astronomy, open cluster

This night wasn't good enough weather to take the car out to a dark place. I did this observation from our balcony instead. When astrophotographing from the balcony it's easier if the objects bright, stars are easier than deep sky object. I found that I had the open cluster NGC 6939 coming up from North:

The open cluster NGC 6939:

astronomy/ astronomy-photo/ open-clusters/ astronomy-photo-open-clusters.html Other open clusters photos.

Open cluster NGC 6939, 2023 Sweden

February 28, 2023 Cars, Chrysler Crossfire radio:

Installation of new radio
Investigating adapter cables

Other DIY repair tips for Chrysler Crossfire (Mercedes):

Chrysler Crossfire: Radio

February 27, 2023 Astronomy: Tutorial

My Canon 6D has always been very slow with download image files from the camera to the astroserver. This is more an investigating if there is someway to come around this. Asking at forums now and collecting information:

Testing different setups of INDI DSLR driver

Other astronomy tutorials:

Tutorial: Canon slow data transfer

February 19, 2023 Astronomy, asteroid

At one night with clear night I found that I have an asteroid in the view from the balcony, Ceres. This was the first asteroid to be found and that already 1801. Today it belongs to the group Dwarf planets:

The asteroid Ceres:

astronomy/ astronomy-photo/ comets/ astronomy-photo-asteroids.html Other asteroid photos.

Dwarf planet Ceres, 2023 Sweden

February 18, 2023 Astronomy: Project

  • Since two years I have used a Linux based control system for my astro equipment. In the Windows world it's ASCOM drivers you use, in Linux it's INDI drivers. The INDI EQMOD driver control SkyWatcher's mounts. It's an old driver and I have to fix one or two problems with it. It's written in C++. It was 27 years ago I did something with C++, so it's a big step for me, but now I must solve it:

    astronomy/ projects/ project-indi-drivers/ 01-project-indi-drivers.html
    (INDI EQMOD driver)

Auto guiding test, RA drift
Added RA drift compensation
More updates about Custom Gear Ratio, page 3
Added info for Custom Gear Ratio, page 3

Other astronomy projects:

Projects: INDI drivers

February 11, 2023 Astronomy: Project

Other astronomy projects:

Setup INDI drivers (device) overview

February 9, 2023 Astronomy: Project

  • When setting up a Raspberry as an astroserver the most difficult is to get the GPS dongle connect to the system. The GPS is important when not connected to internet to get correct location and time. I have done this setup many times now but still confusing. Now I have rewrite my guide how to do it. A lot of help from my friend and from the INDI forum:

    astronomy/ projects/ project-heq5/ 07-heq5.html
    (Setup GOSD in INDI)

Other astronomy projects:

Setup GOSD in INDI

February 7, 2023 Astronomy: Project

Other astronomy projects:

Projects: Battery bracket, HEQ5 mount

6 Februari, 2023 Sweden Astronomi, Historier

Andra astronomihistorier:

En kvällstur till Tyresta, 2023

February 6, 2023 Astronomy: Project

Other astronomy projects:

Projects: EQ6 mount, latitude adjuster screw

February 5, 2023 Astronomy, comets

A new comet is approaching us, the comet ZTF C/2022 E3. It will be as brightest in January in the Northern world. On the Christmas night I got my first clear sky and I could take photos of it from the balcony:

The comet ZTF C/2022 E3:

astronomy/ astronomy-photo/ comets/ astronomy-photo-comets.html Other comet photos.

Comet ZTF C/2022 E3, Sweden
Comet ZTF C/2022 E3, Sweden

February 3, 2023 Astronomy: Tutorial

I found a way to disable the auto focus function in my Canon ES 6D camera when still the lens is in autofocus:

You find it on page 4.

Other astronomy tutorials:

Tutorial: Canon EOS remote control

January 29, 2023 Astronomy: Calculations

Other astronomy calculations:

Calculator: Angle conversion

January 28, 2023 Astronomy: Project

Other astronomy projects:

Projects: 3D-printed Sight

January 24, 2023 Astronomy: Project

Other astronomy projects:

Projects: DIY/3D Flat calibrator

January 16, 2023 Astronomy: Tutorial

One of my first tutorials I wrote was about how to do a relative guiding on comets. It guide on a star and the computer calculate the offset speed between the star and the comet and correct for that. I have looked through the text and updated links and added more photos. The software has developed a lot but still the principle is the same:

Other astronomy tutorials:

Tutorial: Comet relative guiding

12 januari, 2023 Sweden

Mörka observationsplatser: Astronomi

Titta på dessa två videor tagna från England respektive Teneriffa.

England har ungefär samma klimat som vi har i Sverige, känner ni igen er ?

6 timmars flygresa och man har det så här. De här farbröderna har verkligen förstått hur man kan njuta av sin favorithobby.

Andra observationsplatser i Stockholm:

Bad place
Or this:
Good place

January 10, 2023 Astronomy

The year that's gone by:

The year 2022 I achieved some important goals in my astronomy hobby:

A good year !

Other astronomy:

Rijeka observatory

December 19, 2022 Astronomy, double star

From our balcony with a very narrow view there are not many objects to choose from. This night I took photos of Messier 40. An optical double star:

M40 an optical double star:

Other double stars:

M40 an optical double star, Sweden

December 7, 2022 Astronomy, solar eclipse history

I have asked all my friends and relatives if someone have a memory from Sweden's last total solar eclipse 1954. I got an enormous response with lot of stories about this. I have collected them on a separate page and included some other information:

The Solar eclipse 1954 in Sweden:

Other astronomy articles:

Solar eclipse 1954 in Sweden

December 6, 2022 Astronomy: Events reports

Other astronomy events reports:

MAK, Mariestad Star Party, 2018

December 1, 2022 Cars, Chrysler Crossfire:

Other DIY repair tips for Chrysler Crossfire (Mercedes):

Chrysler Crossfire: Rear bushings

November 24, 2022 Astronomy: Project

  • I have the last twenty years thought about medium format cameras. Later years digital mirror less cameras are much cheaper and have CMOS sensors which make them better. Maybe I will stay with full frame, but now I try to design an off-axis adapter with two filter drawers, just to see if I can fit it in the limited space:

    astronomy/ projects/ project-medium-format-offaxis/ 01-project-medium-format-offaxis.html
    (Medium format off-axis adapter 3D CAD)

Other astronomy projects:

Projects: Medium format off-axis adapter 3D CAD

November 19, 2022 Astronomy, observatory sites

2021 we visited Kvistaberg's and Tamm's observatories and took outdoors photos. Now we got the opportunity to come inside and see the big Schmidt Cassegrain telescope, see page 1b:

 Kvistaberg's and Tamm's Observatories:

Other observatory sites:

Tamm's observatory, 2022

November 12, 2022 Sweden Astronomi, Historier

Andra astronomihistorier:

En natt på Björnöreservatet fotandes nebulosor, 2022

November 7, 2022 Astronomy, observatory sites

The last observatory we visited in Croatia was the Rijeka Observatory. They find it very interesting and guided us around in the observatory:

Rijeka Observatory:

Other observatory sites:

Rijeka Observatory, 2022

November 7, 2022 Astronomy, observatory sites

Earlier I visited the Uppsala old Observatory. I could only see them from outdoors. Now my friend Christoffer have sent me some photos of the interior with the old telescopes:

Uppsala old Observatory:

Other observatory sites:

Uppsala old Observatory

November 4, 2022 Travel Europe

Other travels in Europe:

Croatia Podgora, 2022

October 18, 2022 Astronomy, observatory sites

On our latest travel in Europe in Croatia we got a lot of astronomy related things to see. First out, the street astronomer in Rovinj:

Street astronomer in Rovinj:

Other observatory sites:

Street astronomer Josip in Rivonj, 2022

October 21, 2022 Astronomy, solar eclipse history

I found earlier a documentary film of the 1914 years solar eclipse. Now I have analyzed the film and done some comments and a simulation of it:

The Solar eclipse 1914:

Other astronomy articles:

Solar eclipse 1914 in Sweden

September 29, 2022 Astronomy, observatory sites

I found some very old drawings of the Stockholm's old Observatory which I have included in my and Nippe's article:

Stockholm old Observatory:

Other observatory sites:

Stockholm old Observatory

September 27, 2022 Astronomy, observatory sites

In September it was the Astronomy Day in Sweden. We visited the observatory at Saltsjöbaden which had Open House. Follow us on these two guided tours we joined:

Stockholm "New" Observatory:

Other observatory sites:

Stockholm New Observatory

September 11, 2022 HIFI

  • At a car meeting I sat with my friends and got nostalgic. We talked about old HIFI and what we have had in earlier days. Here I have wrote it down:

    sound-image/ hifi-1970s-1980s/ 01-hifi.html
    (My HIFI in the 1970s to 1980s)

Other Sound and Image:

Sonab 2212

September 6, 2022 Travel Europe

All days of travel report finished.

Other travels in Europe:

By train in Northern Germany, 2022

28 augusti, 2022 Sweden Nöjen i Stockholm


  • Tidigare tipsade jag om takpubar och restauranger, mycket trevligt men inte billigt. Nu har jag kompletterat med en lista på restauranger där man kan äta god mat utan att det kostar väldigt mycket:

    pleasure/ restauranger/ restauranger.html
    (Listor över restauranger i Stockholm med god mat och överkomliga priser)

Andra nöjen: Nöjen i Stockholm

Restauranger i Stocklm med god mat och överkomliga priser

August 21, 2022 Boats / Monalisa

Other ships and boats:

Evert's mahogany cruiser Monalisa

August 21, 2022 Travel Gotland in Sweden

  • It's summer now and then we travel around in Sweden. This time we visit the beautiful island Gotland. I have been at that island three times before, but always exiting. My girlfriend has a special mission, she wants to find traces of her ancestors:

    travel/ sweden/ gotland-2022/ 01-gotland-2022.html
    (Visiting the island Gotland in Sweden, 2022)

    All days completed.

Other travels in Sweden:

Visiting the island Gotland, 2022

29 juli, 2022 Sweden Historia, Stockholm

  • I Stockholm finns många spännande platser att undersöka. Ett av dom är Västra Stambanans gamla dragning mellan Liljeholmen och Södra Station på Södermalm. Den sträckan lades ned år 1929 då tågtrafiken flyttade till nya Årstabron.

    history/ vastra-stambanan/ 01-vastra-stambanan-sv.html
    (Västra Stambanan, Stockholm)

Andra saker om Sveriges historia:

Västra Stambanan,i Stockholm

6 juli, 2022 Sweden Historia, Galgbackar

Andra saker om Sveriges historia:

Avrättning och galgplatser i Stockholm

June 3, 2022 Astronomy: Astronomy Project

Other astronomy projects:

3" focuser: 3D-Printing rack & pinion gears Old design

3" focuser: 3D-Printing Push Pull gears New design

June 2, 2022 Travel Sweden

Other travels in Sweden:

From Stockholm City to Nynäshamn by steam train, from 2005 to 2009den 2021

30 april, 2022 Sweden Nöjen i Stockholm

Takpubar och restauranger:

  • Nu till årets sommar kan vi nästan koppla av från Covidbekymren. Vi vågar gå ut igen och träffa folk med viss försiktighet. Sommarens projekt blir att besöka några av Stockholms takpubar och restauranger. De har blivit väldigt populära på senare år. Här har jag listat de mer kända och gjort en karta så ni hittar dit:

    pleasure/ takpubar/ takpubar.html
    (Listor och kartor över takpubar och restauranger i Stockholm)

Andra nöjen: Nöjen i Stockholm

TAK, takpub i Stockholm

28 mars, 2022 Sweden

Mörka observationsplatser: Astronomi

Andra observationsplatser i Stockholm:

All other news: News.

Observationsplats Örudden på Torö

October, 2022 Astronomy, Impact structures (meteorite craters)

In Mars 2022 I passed close to the lake Västra Styran. I know I have read about it somewhere that it's maybe an old meteorite crater:

It's no 10 on the map.

other meteorite craters:

Meteorite craters, Västra Styran Sweden, 2022

Mars 17, 2022 Astronomy: Project

  • Recently I bought a HEQ5 mount. My idea is to use that mount when travel by my car. Much less weight compare to my EQ6 mount. When I'm using my 300 mm lens I don't need the stability of the EQ6, and the HEQ5 mount has about the same precision. Problems solve: the serial cable, the EQDIRECT has not the same connector and not so good power connector:

    astronomy/ projects/ project-heq5/ 01-heq5.html
    (Project: HEQ5)

Other astronomy projects:

Projects: HEQ5 as a portable mount

Mars 13, 2022 Astronomy: Project

Other astronomy projects:

Projects: Adapt pier to HEQ5 mount

January 29, 2022 Astronomy: Project

Other astronomy projects:

Raspberry Pi4 as an astroserver

January 16, 2022 Astronomy, Seven stars in Big Dipper, part of constellation Great Bear

Tonight I have problem which object on the heaven I wanted to take photo of. Then I saw that I had the constellation Great Bear outside the window. Why not take photos of the seven stars that built the Big Dipper which is a part of the Great Bear ? Afterwards I can analyze the images and see what's more there, sounds a bit exiting to me:

Other stars:

Seven stars in constellation Big Dipper, credit CdC

January 5, 2022 Astronomy tutorial: Ekos Sequencer

  • Included in the KStars is the Ekos. Ekos control the devices in your astroequipment. Included in this is a sequencer, a tool where you can hold your evening objects and the sequencer pick them up one by one in the most useful order. This is something new to me and all these advanced function is operated by the tiny Raspberry processor:

    astronomy/ tutorials/ tutorial-ekos-sequencer/01-tutorial-ekos-sequencer
    (Ekos Sequencer)

Other astronomy tutorials:

Ekos sequencer

January 11, 2022 Astronomy: Lens data base

Other astronomy tutorials:

Data base: Lenses with focus motor that works for astrophotolens

November 14, 2021 Sweden Historia, Nya Slussen byggs upp

Andra saker om Sveriges historia:

Karl Johan Slussen i Stockholm

September 1, 2021 Bilskrotar kartor:

  • För dig med gammal klassisk bil, när reservdelarna inte finns att köpa nya längre så blir man hänvisad till bilskrotarna. Jag har kompletterat mina tidigare listor med kartor för att lättare finna dom:

    vehicles/ bilskrotar/ bilskrotar-sverige.html
    (Bilskrotar Sverige)

Övrigt skrotbilar:


August 15, 2021 Travel Sweden

Other travels in Sweden:

Höga Kusten, Sweden 2021

April 15, 2021 Astronomy: Project

Other astronomy projects:

Lars B's projects

Mars 23, 2021 Astronomy

prof Gösta Gahm

Gösta Gahm, 1942 - 2020 professor emeritus of astronomy

I, prof Gösta and Peter at the Sweden Solar system presentation, Gunilla is the photographer.

Something very sad has happen, in January 2021 I got the information that Gösta had passed away. We had known each other for more than 25 years, both I and Gunilla had him as a teacher in more than one courses we took in astronomy from 1995 to 2002 and we kept the contact since then. This meeting with the Jupiter model was the last time we saw him and at Christmas I got a greeting from him, since then nothing. Goodbye Gösta, we hope you have a great time up among the stars !

Gösta has one asteroid named after him: 10997 Gahm.

Lars and Gunilla

Other astronomy events reports:

29 januari, 2021 Sweden Resor till sjöss

Nyheter om det år 1940 förlista fartyget S/S Sylvia:

Other history related:

Fartyget S/S Sylvia

January 9, 2021 3D CAD

Other 3D Printer and CAD projects:

3D CAD: making drawings for GT2 pulleyes to lens focuserder

15 november, 2020 Sweden

Befästningslinjen Södra fronten: Svensk historia

Annan historia relaterad till Sverige:

Befästningslinjen Södra Fronten

August 17, 2020 Astronomy, meteor showers

In August we have the Perseid meteor shower, I did it a bit different this time. I used a GoPro camera:

Even more objects

Other meteor showers:

Perseids meteor shower, 2020

29 juli, 2020 Sweden

Modellbåten Flamingo från Wentzel: Hobby

  • När jag var omkring 9 år köpte min pappa mig min första modellbåt i trä. Den har nu efter 25 år på irrfärder hamnat hemma hos mig igen:

    vehicles/ models/ 02-wentzels-flamingo.html
    (Modellbåten Flamingo från Wentzel, hobby)

Andra båtar i full skala:

Modellbåten Flamingo från Wentzels

June 12, 2020 Cars

Other car meetings:

Car meeting, The Nut House, 2020

April 30, 2020 Home Theatre

Other Sound and Image:

Home Theatre resurrection, 2019

December 12, 2019 Astronomy, calculation

Other astronomy calculations:

Frank Drake's Equation calculator

November 8, 2019 Astronomy / seminar

Other speech, seminar and articles:

Seminar: How does the galaxy cluster environment affect molecular gas and starformation ? by Nikki Zabel

July 3, 2019 Travel, walks with old and new photos

  • One old idea I have is to take old photos and then take new ones from the same place and compare. I have started with the island Riddarholmen in Stockholm. The old photography is from the 19th century. Much more complicated then I first thought, it will take long time, here is the beginning of the work:

    travel/ sweden/ old-and-new-photographs/ introduction-old-and-new-photographs.html
    (Old and new photography from Stockholm)

Other things about Swedish history:

Old and new photography from Stockholm

May 19, 2019 Sound / Image

Other things about sound and cinema:

Biograf (Cinema) Sländan Museum, 2019

27 januari, 2019 Sweden

Nya kartor över fornlämningar: Fornhistoria

Other history related in Sweden:

All other news: News.

Gånggrift Hallarör i Västergötland
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New links:

Here I have collected new links that I found interesting.

Technology, Astronomy, Cars, Travels etc.

The New Link page have been moved to here: New Links.

Pentax 645 300 mm ED IF f/4 lens
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Must do stuff:

Technology, Astronomy, Cars, Travels etc.

(look carefully that it has not been canceled or has a changed date)

April 22, 2023 Kultur Sweden

Kulturnatt Stockholm 2023.

Other things in Stockholm:

Andra nöjen i Stockholm

Old Town, Stockholm

April 10, 2023 Resor Sweden

Utflykter i Sverige, mest Stockholm.

Other things in Stockholm:

Andra nöjen i Stockholm

Motala Ström, Norrköping

March 18, 2023 Astronomy

Comet C/2023 A3 C/2023 A3 Tsuchinshan-ATLAS, something to look for, October, 2024.

Maybe a really bright naked eye comet:

Seiichi Yoshida's home page

January 3, 2023 Astronomy

Comet C/2022 A2 PanSTARRS, something to look for, Jan to March, 2023.

But it's weak, best to photograph it:

Seiichi Yoshida's home page
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Föredrag: (Stockholm, Sverige) Sweden

This is only for you who live in Stockholm, Sweden or want to travel and make a visit here.

De flesta av de här föredragen hålls i Stockholm. Vanligtvis är de på svenska men ibland på engelska. Läs noga på deras hemsida så att det inte blivit inställt eller flyttat.

Området är naturvetenskap.

2022 Visning / Föredrag

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