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International Space Station

Object : ISS, International Space Station
Coordinates/Direction : -
Object size : -
Object magnitude : -
More to know : Wikipedia: wiki/ International Space Station

International Space Station, 2006-06-19

International Space Station, Stockholm in Sweden, 2006 (Clic on the image and come to the YouTube video, opens in a new window)
Mount : Tripod
Lens/Telescope : Pentacon 29 mm f/2.8
Camera : Philips ToUcam Pro II
Exp. time : Video 24 seconds
Image process tool : Shortcut video editor
Processing : -
Weather : clear with some clouds drifting by
Site : Sweden, Stockholm, Södermalm. Bortle 9
Comment : After almost 20 years I upload this video I took of the Space Station. It doesn't much to look at, but when we made this video it was exciting to see the Space Station move over the sky in fast pace. And there are people sitting in that little white dot ! The Space Station is the little dot in center of the photo.
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