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Interesting astronomy objects
seen from Sweden

This is a new page that I'm not for sure in details how I shall use. But my idea is that I will present star charts with interesting objects seen from Stockholm in Sweden. Your position is not very critical for objects high upp in the sky as long as you live in or close to Sweden, but for objects near the horizon it's more critical to have a correct star chart for your position.

Normally I draw the maps from the star chart program CdC or Skychart. You can download and install it too, maybe you don't live in Sweden and need a map more exactly from your position.

Star charts from:

May 2018, Stockholm in Sweden:

Now it's not dark at nights anymore, but brighter objects like Moon and planets are possible to see. Our own star, the Sun also of course:

Planets seen from Sweden
Jupiter May 2018

April 2018, Stockholm in Sweden:

The first star chart is one with all comets and planets that can be seen from Sweden, or more exactly Stockholm in Sweden:

Comets and planets seen from Sweden
Comets seen from Sweden April 2018
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