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Observatories world around
that I have visited

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Michael's Torö observatory, Sweden

Michael's Torö observatory
Michael's Torö observatory, Sweden

Uppsala old observatory, Sweden

Uppsala old observatory
Uppsala old observatory, Sweden

Kvistaberg's Observatory, Sweden

Kvistaberg's Observatory

Here you will also find Tamm's observatory

Tamm's Observatory, Sweden

Observatory Sandvreten in Sweden

Sandvreten Observatory
Sandvreten Observatory, Sweden

Börje's Observatory at Uppsala in Sweden

Börje's Observatory
Börje's Observatory, Sweden

Astronomical observatories in Sweden, by Östen Bergstrand, written 1931.

Sweden's old observatories, translation from Swedish into English

There are also maps where the old observatories are placed and I have added a lot of links with extra information.

The observatory in Uppsala in todays condition. Photographer unknown

Stockholm's old Observatory, Sweden

Stockholm's old Observatory
Stockholm's old Observatory, 2009

Stockholm's Observatory at Saltsjöbaden, Sweden

Stockholm's Observatory
Stockholm's Observatory at Saltsjöbaden Sweden

The Astrograph at Stockholm Observatory, Sweden

The astrograph at Saltsjöbaden
Observatory Saltsjöbaden Sweden

Astrofriend's Observatory, Sweden

Astrofriend's Observatory

My own project, maybe small and simple, but still my own observatory.

Astrofriend's Observatory

Bifrost Observatory, Sweden

Bifrost Observatory

There is a star party at the Bifrost Observatory every year, my visits from 2016 to 2019.

Bifrost Observatory, photos from 2016 to 2019


Observatory Hipparchos Astronomy Cafe, Rhodes

Hipparchos Observatory
Hipparchos observatory Rhodes

Observatory Skinaka at Crete

Skinaka Observatory
Skinaka observatory Crete


Fuerteventura Astronomy park

Fuerteventura Astronomy park
Fuerteventura Astronomy park, 2021

Observatory Teide at Tenerife

Teide Observatory
Teide observatory

NOT, Nordic Optical Telescope at La Palma, Spain

NOT observatory
Observatory NOT Spain La Palma 1997

Antequera solar observatory, south Spain

Observatory Sites, Antequera Spain
Prague Observatory


Maurice's The Raven and the Owl observatory, Malta

The Owl Observatory
The Raven and the Owl observatory


Sardinia observatory, Italy

Sardinia Observatory
Sardinia Observatory

Czech Republic

Prague observatory, Czech Republic

Prag Observatory
Prague Observatory


Lisbon observatory, Portugal

Lisbon Astronomical Observatory
Lisbon Observatory, 2018


Pula Naval Observatory, Croatia

Pula Naval Observatory
Pula Naval Observatory, 2022

Rovinj street astronomer, Croatia

Rovinj street astronomer
Rovinj street astronomer, 2022

Rijeka Observatory, Croatia

Rijeka Observatory
Rijeka Observatory, 2022

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