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Observatories that I have visited:
Sardinia Observatory, Italy


  1. Sardinia island
  2. The road up to the observatory
  3. The observatory

1: The Sardinia island

This year 2017 we decided to go to Sardinia island in Italy. We go there to find beautiful places and relaxing if we now could talk about relaxing when driving the whole island around in one week. But is there anything related to astronomy on this island?

I googled and found these three candidates:

The museum sounds exiting but we decided to not go to that place. The radio observatory could had been exiting to see. But we thought that will be out of reach. They don't like interference from radio sources like mobile telephones.

The Sardinia amateur Astronomy Observatory, we found that it was straight ahead on our way back to airport and according to the homepage it is very advanced. They also have a guided tour on Fridays. We go back to Sweden on Saturday and couldn't stay very late on Friday, but maybe we will find the staff there preparing for the guided tour later. I sent an email to them in English, got an answer back in Italian. We know from earlier days here that many Italians do not speak English and we don't speak Italian either. But we took the chance that we could get close and see the observatory from outside.

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