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My travel in Europe:
By train in Northern Germany, 2022


Planning for a round trip in Northern Europe:

During the summer it's too hot for us to go to Southern Europe, but we are very eager to travel somewhere. Now we are drawing a plan to travel by ferry, buses and trains in Northern Europe. Some of the places we want to visit: Berlin, Amsterdam, Bremen and Copenhagen. Our first plan was to take the train from Stockholm where we live to Copenhagen. But that plan has already been changed, Gunilla found a summer deal ad about a ferry from Stockholm to Rostock, only 26 Euro. Those tickets we have already bought. We have also booked the first two nights at the hostel, Blue Doors hostel Altstadt in Rostock old town. It's a hostel but we have have our own room and they serve breakfast for an extra cost.

We only pre book the first stay, the other we take day by day. The round trip can be different from this:

The ferry and the hotel at Rostock are already booked:

This is a new ferry line that started as late as 2021.

All countries we travel through use the Euro currency without Sweden and Denmark that still has there own currency. If we get in trouble during the travel we can take a flight to home from Berlin or Amsterdam.

Google Map over Rostock (Germany):

From our location in Stockholm we take the local train to the harbor Nynäshamn, about an hour travel. From Nynäshamn we take the ferry to Rostock, an 18 hour trip. At Rostock we have booked room for two days at Blue Doors Hostel, it's in the old town and very close to the harbor. We need to find what bus and tram to take us from the ferry to the old town of Rostock.

Interesting things to visit:

Google Map over Berlin (Germany):

A lot of people talk about Berlin as a wonderful place to visit, we have never been there so a stop at that place is a must. We have listed some places near the train station that we can walk or take a bus to. We don't expect to have time to visit all of them, maybe we stay two days in Berlin.

Interesting things to visit:

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Google Map over Hannover (Germany):

We had to add one more stop between Berlin and Amsterdam to not spent too long time on the train. We found Hanover in the middle, looks to have interesting things to visit.

Interesting things to visit:

Google Map over Onsabruk (Germany):

As an alternative to Hannover we have added the town Onsabruk that looks to be a small and nice old town. It's only a 3 and half hour by train from Berlin.

Interesting things to visit:

Google Map over Amsterdam (Netherland):

Gunilla has already visit Amsterdam and she talks about a pancake house that we must visit. Anything more we have to look for ?

Interesting things to visit:

Google Map over Bremen (Germany):

Bremen looks to an old town, exactly what we like to walk around in.

Interesting things to visit:

Google Map over Hamburg (Germany):

Hamburg is Germany's second biggest town. It doesn't appeal very much to us, but if there is time we make a one day stop. At least we can look at the Falk Tower if we don't find them in Berlin.

Interesting things to visit:

Google Map over Copenhagen (Denmark):

I have visited Copenhagen twice earlier but not Gunilla. It's a very nice old town and we will find a lot of interesting things to examine. The Tivoli Garden, The Little Mermaid,

Interesting things to visit:

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