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Observatories that I have visited:
Stefanik Observatory at Prague, Czech Republic

The Stefanik Observatory

On a vacation 2009 in Prague we find this observatory on a walk nearby where we lived.

We didn't take many photos, but here are some:

Prague observatory

On the homepage we can read that there was three telescopes in the building. One Cassegran telescope of 370mm, one double Carl Zeiss astrograph and one modern 400mm Meade telescope.

Prague observatory

Milan R. Stefanik was an astronomer, he died 1919, nine years before this observatory opened.

Prague observatory

Maybe it's here where the double Zeiss astrograph belongs.

Prague observatory garden

It was very beautiful placed in a park at the hill.

Prague observatory visit

There was also possible to visit the observatory for a guided tour, something we didn't. But if you are nearby, take a look at the homepage when they have it open for visits.

Prague observatory park

In the park there was a lot of other things to see, not just flowers. They also had an miniature copy of the Eiffel tower.

Prague observatory tower

Follow this link if you want to know more about the Stefanik Observatory: english.html

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