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My astronomy project:
Design of a 3D-printed filter wheel


  1. CAD design of a filter wheel
  2. Chassi
  3. Stepper motor
  4. Gears
  5. Shaft and Roller bearings
  6. Home position sensor
  7. Lid
  8. Off-Axis guider
  9. To be continued

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1: CAD design of a filter wheel

Is it possible to 3D-print a filter wheel ? I have read about others who have tried to do this, but plastic materials is problematic. Many of them use a manual filter wheel casted of aluminum and put a motor on it. But I just have to try to 3D-print all of it. This one has four 50 mm circular unmounted filters and will be used with a full frame camera.

I will built it around this open source project, myFilterWheel:

It's designed for Windows with ASCOM drivers, but there is some work going on to build an INDI driver for Linux.

Filter wheel:

Project: 3D-printed filter wheel

I have started with the wheel that hold the filters. It will be used to a full frame camera and it need at least 50 mm unmounted filters. To not have too big diameter I limited it to 4 filters. I will use this wheel with three narrow band filters, or red, green, blue and H-Alpha. The thickness of the wheel above is 6 mm but later increased to 8 mm. M3 nylon screws hold the filters in place, a circular frame of 1 mm center them in correct position.

Project: 3D-printed filter wheel

Three M3 screws which heads hang over the edge to the filter and hold them in place. These ones only for a test, they will be replaced by screws made of nylon and have a length of 4 mm.

Project: 3D-printed filter wheel

A more clear view of how the filter holder hole looks like. A one mm rim at the bottom that the filter can rest against.

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