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My astronomy project:
Focus and camera rotator


Implement of external push pull screws:

  1. Focus and camera rotator, CAD ideas
  2. To be continued

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  4. Focus and camera rotator

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1: Focus and camera rotator

A friend to me has started a project where he constructs a camera rotator. Looks very interesting. His telescope is of the mega class, far from my little refractor. Can I do something similar to my telescope ? I have just finished my first version of my push pull focuser, when doing next version I maybe I can implement a camera rotator in the construction. I don't really have any need of a rotator and will not spend much time on it now, just drawing some ideas how it could look like.

CAD ideas:

Focus and camera rotator

A chassi will hold the yellow roller bearings which lets the focus drawer tube to rotate. The dark blue bars is part of the linear bearing which control the focus position. The light blue roller bearings (it will be 12 of them) let the mechanism slide in and out with low friction.

Focus and camera rotator

The focuser draw tube in place. It will only rotate relative the red chassi. The construction allow a stroke of about 100 mm.

Focus and camera rotator

A close up, the blue precision steel bar take some space, with a U profile it will more compact. But hard to find a precision U bar shaped profile. With this I have at least made some notes how it could be constructed. I can't see any big problem to made this, the chassi will be 3D-printed in plastic. It will another chassi outside which hold the outer roller bearings in place.

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