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My astronomy project:
Repair and adjusting focus friction


  1. Introduction focuser
  2. Disassembling the focuser
  3. The friction parts
  4. Assembling focuser together
  5. Implement of high friction surface
  6. Spring compensation load

I take no responsibility or liability for what are written here, you use the information on your own risk!

1: Introduction focuser

It's very common focuser today have a friction coupling, that's fine and give very smooth focusing compare to a rack and pinion focuser. But problems can arise if you have heavy load on the focuser, a camera or similar. I have problem with that, when telescope is pointing upwards the friction coupling slips and can't move the camera. I have adjusted the force that regulate the friction and got it a little bit better. Sometimes when the telescope get wet because of moister the problem get worse, the water act as a lubrication between the friction surfaces.

Now I decided to take the focuser apart and see if there is something wrong or something that I can rebuild and make it better. My focuser is a 3" dual speed mounted on a TS130 APO refractor, this is a special option, normally there is a 2.5" focuser on this telescope.

Here are some information about focusers:

I have built a compact motor focuser to my telescope. It's not so easy to see that there is a focuser down there.

Friction coupler in focuser

As usual I will spend another day working with my telescope, luckily me I feel to some degree it's fun.

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