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My Astrophotography
Solar system, comets

Comet photo can be from wide field to high magnification photos. The comets are in orbits around our Sun and every year there are some new ones which come close to the Sun. The brighter ones can have a tail of 10 to 30 degrees, it's very very exiting to look at.

More to read about comets at Wikipedia:

Even it the comets looks to be very far away it happens they come close to us, if just only one of them hit the Earth it's goodbye for us. Ask the dinosaur how fun that was.

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Comets to watch for in the future:

February 2, 2024 Astronomy

Best comets in 2024:

Sky and Telescope

January 16, 2024 Astronomy

Comet 12PPons-Brooks 2024, something to look for, January, 2024.

Seiichi Yoshida's home page

March 18, 2023 Astronomy

Comet C/2023 A3 C/2023 A3 Tsuchinshan-ATLAS, something to look for, October, 2024.

Maybe a really bright naked eye comet:

Seiichi Yoshida's home page
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My own comet photos:


Comet ASASSN C/2017 O1    
C/2017 O1 (photo 2017)
Comet Atlas C/2017 M4 Comet Atlas C/2019 L3 Comet Atlas C/2019 N1, Sweden 2020
C/2017 M4 (photo 2018)
C/2019 L3 (photo 2021-22)
C/2019 N1 (photo 2020)
Comet Boattini C/2010 U3  
C/2010 U3 (photo 2020)
Comet Catalin C/2013 US10
P/2013 US10 (photo 2015-16)
Hale Bopp color on film 1997 Comet 103P Hartley 2, 2023 Sweden Hyakutake CCD 1996
Hale Bopp
C/1995 O1 (photo 1997)
Hartley 2
103P (photo 2023)
C/1996 B2 (photo 1996)
Ikeya Murakami P/2010 V1 Ison C/2012 S1 Iwamoto C/2020 A2, Sweden 2020
Ikeya Murakami
P/2010 V1 (photo 2015)
C/2012 S1 (photo 2013)
C/2020 A2 (photo 2020)
Jaques C/2014 E2
C/2014 E2 (photo 2014)
Comet Leonard C/2021 A1 Comet Linear 252P 2016 Comet Lovejoy 2013
C/2021 A1 (photo 2021)
252P 2016 (photo 2016)
C/2013 R1 (photo 2013)
Comet NeoWise C/2020 F3    
C/2017 O1 (photo 2020)
PanSTARRS C/2011 L4 PanSTARRS C/2014 W2 Comet: PanSTARRS C/2015 O1, Sweden 2018
C/2011 L4 (photo 2013)
C/2014 W2 (photo 2016)
C/2015 O1 (photo 2018)
Comet PanSTARRS C/2022 A2, Sweden 2023  
C/2022 A2 (photo 2023)
Comet ZTF C/2022 E3, Sweden 2022    
C/2022 E3 (photo 2022-23)
41P Tuttle-Giacobini-Kresak 2017    
Tuttle Giacobini Kresak
41P 2017 (photo 2017)
Comet 123P/West-Hartley
123P (photo 2019)


If I had taken those photographs today (2022) I would use the following of my equipment.

Camera Lens / Telescope Reducer / Barlow Mount Comment
Canon 6D TS130, 910 mm x1 SkyWatcher EQ6 Small comets
Canon 6D Pentax 300 mm x1 SkyWatcher HEQ5 Big comets
Canon 6D Canon 50 mm x1 Tripod Very big bright comets

Sometime I take time lapse of comets, it's very interesting to see how they move between the stars.

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