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My father's mahogany cruiser Monalisa
Owned from 1964 to 1973


  1. Introduction to wooden boats
    1. Swedish wooden boats with Pettersson look
  2. My father's cruiser Monalisa
    1. My father's cruiser Monalisa, restauration
    2. Monalisa, after restauration, a boat that could be used
  3. Monalisa's sister Ingalena
    1. Monalisa's sister Ingalena (Norröna)
  4. Monalisa's sister Ellinor
    1. Monalisa's sister Ellinor, delivery of the boat
    2. Monalisa's sister Ellinor, the hull section
    3. Monalisa's sister Ellinor, the front and middle section
    4. Monalisa's sister Ellinor, the rear section
  5. Links to information

1:I. Swedish wooden boats with Pettersson look:

My father's cruiser Monalisa:

My father was sailing the Atlantic and Pacific oceans during the WW II (have a look here) and of course he must have his own boat later when he landed in Stockholm, Sweden. After 19 years his dream became true and he bought the cruiser Monalisa. A big boat at that time, 1964. If I remember correct he paid 200 Euro for this boat, 48 years old at that time, that was a price that attract not so rich people and our family was not very rich.

Monalisa, 1964 a Victor Israelsson designed Pettersson cruiser

My father's cruiser Monalisa has a typical C. G. Pettersson look. It may have been built around 1916 according to Christoffer who own a sister boat to Monalisa, that's almost ten years earlier than I thought. Maybe built at Lidingö in Stockholm by Gustafson and Anderssons shipyard, at least Christoffer thought his Ingalena is built there. The length of the boat was just over 9 meters, the width not more than 2 meters and it was entirely built of mahogany.

When I have looked for information about C. G. Pettersson boats I have seen there are more than Pettersson that designed boats with a look like this.

I have listed some of my sources of information below here.

Carl Gustaf Pettersson, boat designer:

Information about C. G. Pettersson (in Swedish):

Pettersson, C. G. (1876 - 1953)

Pettersson, C. G. (1876 - 1953):

More information about C. G. Pettersson at Wikipedia (sorry, only Swedish):

You can easily recognize a C. G. Pettersson designed boat, long and very narrow wooden boats.

I found also this list of drawings for C. G. Pettersson designed boats (only Swedish):

This is the drawing that I found that best matches Monalisa of Pettersson's drawings, but there are many details that is different (In Swedish)

C. G. Pettersson drawing 505

Ritning, C. G. Pettersson ritning 505.
Båttyp: motorkryssare, Längd (meter): 9, Bredd (meter): 2, Maskinstyrka: 17-25HK Sterling.

  • Drawing number: 505
  • Type of boat: Motorkryssare
  • Length: 9 meter
  • Width: 2 meter
  • Engine: 17 - 25 hp Sterling
  • Manufactured to: H. A. Grosshandlare Söderberg Liljeholmen
  • Place: Stockholm, Sweden
  • Year: 1917

At the Old Marine Engine forum I found some history of Sterling engines:

Victor Israelsson, boat designer:

Important update:
In January 2019 I found this, there is a designer with name Victor (sometimes spelled Viktor) Israelsson that make drawings that look very C. G. Pettersson like. When investigating in more detail I found a drawing from 1914 that is almost an exact copy of Monalisa. In the information on the drawing I can read that this drawing is based on an earlier drawing from 1913.

Victror Israel boat drawing from 1914

Ritning, Victor Israelsson 1914.
Båttyp: Motorbåt, Längd (meter): 9.25, Bredd (meter): 1.94, Beställare: Törnqvist, J. K.

  • Drawing number: -
  • Type of boat: Motorcruiser
  • Length: 9.25 meter
  • Width: 1.95 meter
  • Engine: -
  • Manufactured to: J. K. Törnqvist
  • Place: Stockholm, Sweden
  • Year: 1914

Other information about Victor Israelsson (in Swedish):

Examples of Victor Israelsson designed boat (in Swedish and German):

When I was in contact with Jan who owns the wooden boat Buffalo X he told me that maybe the name of the boat came from the installed engine. I did some research on internet and found this:

This was a real surprise, was not my father's boat Monalisa designed by C. G. Pettersson? According to the drawing I found here it must be a Victor Israelsson design. I still think it's correct to say that Monalisa is a Petterssonboat because it looks like a Petterssonboat. It must be that Pettersson and Israelsson had some kind of cooperation, otherwise the design hadn't looked so alike.

Now the tracks seem to lead to Victor Israelsson who has designed my father's boat. I decided to make an attempt to get hold of those living relatives of him today. After quite tricky searches I got out the family and I am now in contact with a granddaughter of Victor. She has been told about her grandfather Victor and knows that he designed boats.

Gideon Forslund, boat designer:

Information about Gideon Forslund from Wikipedia (in Swedish):

Gideon Forslund's look a like Pettersson drawings don't matching Monalisa.

Ruben Östlund, boat designer:

Information about Ruben Östlund from Wikipedia (in Swedish):

The drawings of Ruben Östlund's boats are very similar to Pettersson's drawings but I can't find any drawings matching Monalisa. Ruben later designed boats with a more speedboat design hulls.

Knut Ljungberg, boat designer:

Information about Knut Ljungberg from Wikipedia (in Swedish):

Knut Ljungberg's drawings are also very similar to Pettersson's, but not as many and more exclusive. No drawing that looks like Monalisa.

Where was Monalisa built? List of shipyards:

I have collected all shipyards I found in Stockholm on a map. I expect it must be Andersson & Gustafssons shipyard that built Monalisa, everything point according to the information I have today.

Map with shipyards and a list which of them who built Pettersson boats:

You can also read what I had started to write about a similar C. G. Pettersson boat: Helmut's Sindbad

I started this research about Monallisa1998, now it is twenty years since then and still I found new information. Continue to page 2 and read more.

Svenska sökord: salongsbåt, motorkryssare, träbåt, båt, motorbåt, pettersonbåt, mahogny, furu

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