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My travels in Sweden:
Walks along Stockholm City's harbors


You can use the maps from Stockholmskällan. It has the function that you can compare maps from different years. It's only one map that cover the areas outside Stockholm City, the map from 1934.

This is a new page. I will try to get an overview of all older shipyards we had or have in Stockholm.

I have added links with deeper information, most of them are Wikipedia links. I have chosen the Swedish link, but in some cases you can shift to English. If there is no English version you can use Google translator or similar service. There are more information in the Swedish language.

Shipyards in Stockholm:

This is just the beginning, I will add much more shipyards later.

Maybe you know about some shipyard that I have missed? Contact

Shipyards that have connection to Pettersson boats:

I have collected shipyards in a list here that I have found when searching after where my father's boat Monalisa was built also Helmut's boat Sindbad:

Gustafsson and Anderssons varv (Boghammar):

Here is information about Gustafsson and Andersson's shipyard (in Swedish):

Gustaffson and Andersson's shipyard let built many C. G. Pettersson and Victor Israelsson designed boats among others.

Meurlings båtvarv:

Claes Meurling shipyard at Hässelby in Western Stockholm, Sweden. From Henrik I got the information:
"He built about 10 boats with length 8 to 10 meters, maybe eight of these were of C. G. Pettersson design".

I found an old photo from 1930s on his web page with a C. G. Pettersson boat at his shipyard with a very similar design as Monalisa.

Here is information about Meurlings Båtvarv (in Swedish):

Anton Petterssons båtvarv:

Built Israelsson's boats, not investigated yet

Smedsuddens varv:

Built Israelsson's boats.

Smedsuddens båtvarv:

Ruden varf:

Built Israelsson's boats, Erik Rudén Rosenvik, Stockholm. Har legat där Lidingöbrons fäste är idag på Lidingö.

Rudéns varf:


Moved from Kvarnholmen (Hästholmen) Nacka to Gåshaga Lidingö 1916.

More about Hästholmsvarvet:


Built C. G. Pettersson boats, Löfholmsvarvet at Gröndal, Stockholm.

More to read about Löfholmsvarvet:

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