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My Astrophotography


With this database of my astrophotos I can get an idea how many nights per month/year the sky conditions is good enough at my places for astrophotographing, see the statistics. Each object has one file that contains all of its images from different dates.

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With the data from the database I can do some calculation of it and compare the outfall for different months.

Accumulated astrophotos over the years per month

It's the months January to Mars that's best. April to September the night sky is too bright. At October to December it's clouds most nights, especially October to November. I bought the Sky-Watcher EQ6 mount 2013, from that it was much more fun and I started to take much more astrophotos. Each photo have about 60 minutes of total exposure. The big problem is the light pollution, 2021 I bought the HEQ5 mount which has lower weight. With the Pentax 300mm lens I can now take it in my car and go to dark places, Bortle Class 4 in my case.

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