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3D Printing:
My first 3D printer, assembling and setup


  1. Introduction, unpacking and assembling sliders
  2. Installing the pillars on the bottom frame
  3. Installing the top limit switches and the top frame
  4. Installing the timing belts
  5. Installing the display and the filament feeder motor
  6. Installing electric devices and cables
  7. Adjusting the print bed
  8. Test print and test of Z-axis offset
  9. Installing CP2102 drivers and Cura
  10. Upload new 3D printer software - Marlin
  11. Mechanical calibration
  12. Setup Marlin 1.1.19
  13. Setup/Calibrate Marlin 2.0.0
  14. Tweaks
  15. Temperature P.I.D. optimizing
  16. Calibrate horizontal expansion
  17. Wind shield
  18. Replacing the nozzle heater
  19. To be continued

I take no responsibility or liability for what are written here, you use the information at your own risk!

10, Upload new 3D printer software - Marlin:

Replacing the 3D printer software with Marlin 1.1.9:

After searching the internet I found that more people than me had problem with the 3D printer when calibrating it. It looks that all of them replace the internal software in the 3D printer with a software called Marlin and version 1.1.9.

I think it's wise for me too to do it.

3D printer, assembling and setup

I find the Marlin software here and with lot of instructions:

After reading the instructions I understand that this could be complicated. The software is written in C++ and after you setup it you have to compile it and upload it to the printer with a special software.

3D printer, assembling and setup

Here are the software I have downloaded until now and installed on my PC. There are a huge amount of setups to do special for each 3D printer, there are many different printers out there. The map Marlin-1.1.x is the Marlin software I just downloaded, version 1.1.9. The map with name Marlin 1.1.9 is a preconfigured setup files I downloaded, se below.

3D printer, assembling and setup

To setup these configure-files from scratch looks to be a heavy job, luckily I found someone that had already done that.

It's Maviles that has uploaded these files at Thingiverse:

3D printer, assembling and setup

These setup files should replace the original setup files Configuration.h and Configuration_adv.h you see in my list of files above. Save the original ones somewhere safe. What the different parameters in the files do you can find at Marlin homepage.

To save my brain to overheating I take a break now, who said that 3D printing is easy ?

3D printer, assembling and setup

There where several software to chose from at the Marlin page. I decided to try the VS Code from Microsoft, I think I can use that software in the future for other projects as well. I downloaded it to my 3D printer map where I collect the needed software. Then installed it.

3D printer, assembling and setup

Rearrange, rename my maps and replaced the configuration files with the new that is pre configured for Kossel Linear Plus printer.

3D printer, assembling and setup

Start up VSCode and from there I install the PlatformIO IDE, for more details, see Marlin's homepage.

3D printer, assembling and setup

After installation, restart VSCode and open the Marlin folder.

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