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3D Printing:
My first 3D printer, assembling and setup


  1. Introduction, unpacking and assembling sliders
  2. Installing the pillars on the bottom frame
  3. Installing the top limit switches and the top frame
  4. Installing the timing belts
  5. Installing the display and the filament feeder motor
  6. Installing electric devices and cables
  7. Adjusting the print bed
  8. Test print and test of Z-axis offset
  9. Installing CP2102 drivers and Cura
  10. Upload new 3D printer software - Marlin
  11. Mechanical calibration
  12. Setup Marlin 1.1.19
  13. Setup/Calibrate Marlin 2.0.0
  14. Tweaks
  15. Temperature P.I.D. optimizing
  16. Calibrate horizontal expansion
  17. Wind shield
  18. Replacing the nozzle heater
  19. To be continued

I take no responsibility or liability for what are written here, you use the information at your own risk!

9, Installing CP2102 drivers and Cura:

Installing the USB IO driver:

The port of the 3D printer has a CP2102 IO uart (USB port) and the PC needs a driver to communicate with that device. Sometimes the drivers install automatic when connecting the USB cable. I tried that but it did not and Windows show an error flag in the device manager.

Later after I had updated Windows 10 this automatic process worked and then no need to do it manually as I do below.

Then I used the driver that come with the 3D printer. I started the installer from the back up files I had done earlier. Followed the instructions from the manual but I got a message that it could not be installed.

3D printer, assembling and setup

I didn't worry much about that, better to download the latest driver which I found here:

3D printer, assembling and setup

I have Windows10 64 bit OP system in my computer. After I downloaded the installer I started it and did the installation. Note: You can not use the Windows driver installer, you must use the supplied installer above.

3D printer, assembling and setup

After the installation the driver comes up in the Windows Device manager without an error flag. In my case it connect to com port 4, I need that information later.

Installing the Cura software:

3D printer, assembling and setup

Then I installed the Cura software that was delivered with the 3D printer, I started the installation from my earlier backup.

3D printer, assembling and setup

Oupps ... something went wrong.

Search internet for the latest version of Cura and found it here:

3D printer, assembling and setup

I'm not sure if this is a special version of Cura and there are others that are better to use.

3D printer, assembling and setup

Started the installation from my computer where I have downloaded the Cura and installed it successfully.

Now have to learn how to use Cura to transform the TLS files to Gcode files.

Here are some information I have found how to do it:

At half past one o'clock am I gave up, time to sleep !

The latest version today, 2020 is the 4.6.2 version.

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