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Flat field calibrator


  1. RGB LED stripe
  2. 3D CAD design LED bracket
  3. 3D CAD design the diffuser
  4. Connecting to the lens/telescope
  5. Second design and 1st test
  6. Third and last design ?
  7. Making diffusers and install them
  8. New LED stripe bracket
  9. To be continued

8: New LED stripe bracket

Then came the rainy day, I started the 3D-printer to print out the new LED stipe bracket. It's a 18 hours work and I prefer to stay home and watch over the printer when in work.

LED stripe bracket:

Flat frame box, RGB LED stripe kit

Much better design now and it's more stable too. But one thing I missed, the spiral is too short, should have handled the two mm thickness of the walls. No catastrophe, I can cut the stripe in the other end.

Flat frame box, RGB LED stripe kit

The LED stripe bracket installed on the diffuser extension tubes. I have taken a lot of flat images and the MasterFlat I made of these looks very good.

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