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Flat field calibrator


  1. RGB LED stripe
  2. 3D CAD design LED bracket
  3. 3D CAD design the diffuser
  4. Connecting to the lens/telescope
  5. Second design and 1st test
  6. Third and last design ?
  7. Making diffusers and install them
  8. New LED stripe bracket
  9. To be continued

6: Third and last design ?

Now when I have tested the flat field box and got very satisfied result I fine adjust the design of the different parts. That's very normal for me that not until I do the third design I can finish a CAD project.

Modular system:

Flat frame box, RGB LED stripe kit

This how it looks in the hopefully last version. I made the spiral to fit better to the other constructions elements. I have increased the openings from 170 mm to 180 mm. My 3D-printer is limited to maximum 220 mm diameter. I also add a lock ring to hold the diffuser without any need of tape solution. And last the reducer when I use camera lenses.

The new flat box system. From left:
LED stripe lock
LED stripe bracket with 1st diffuser (white)
1st extension tube with 2nd diffuser (white)
1st diffuser lock (white)
2nd extension tube with 3rd diffuser (black, not on image)
2nd diffuser lock (black, not on image)
3rd extension tube without diffuser, only an extension (black, not on image)
Lens adapter (Black)

Now all the extension tubes are of the same design, only the color are different, black or white.

Flat frame box, RGB LED stripe kit

View from the front, the opening in the lens adapter is 100 mm and now have screw holes to hold it in place.

Flat frame box, RGB LED stripe kit

The adapter against the camera finished and mounted, also a third extension tube has been printed. It holds no diffuser, it act only as an extension tube.

Flat frame box, RGB LED stripe kit

The 12 Volt power source for the LED-stripe, installed on the stand of the Flat box.

Flat frame box, RGB LED stripe kit

These two white devices hasn't been updated yet, but good enough to do test flat frames. This side must be open to the air to cool down the LED stripe, check that it doesn't get too hot.

Flat frame box, RGB LED stripe kit

The camera opening into the 2nd diffuser, the third diffuser isn't installed yet.

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