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Flat field calibrator


  1. RGB LED stripe
  2. 3D CAD design LED bracket
  3. 3D CAD design the diffuser
  4. Connecting to the lens/telescope
  5. Second design and 1st test
  6. Third and last design ?
  7. Making diffusers and install them
  8. New LED stripe bracket
  9. To be continued

4: Connecting to the lens/telescope

It's important that the white screen isn't hit by any outside coming light. A shield in front of the flat field box connect to the camera to protect it from this.

Connecting to the lens:

Flat frame box, RGB LED stripe kit

The last part is the one that connect to the lens. This tube will stop unwanted light to hit the diffusor. But after earlier problem to get an even light I decided to redesign it.

Flat frame box, RGB LED stripe kit

I use a different CAD technique for this, I draw a profile that I later rotate 360 degrees to get the cylinder.

Flat frame box, RGB LED stripe kit

This is where the camera lens stick into, a 93 mm opening, I increased it later to 100 mm.

Flat frame box, RGB LED stripe kit

The other end that connect to the last extension tube. It's possible to add as many extension tubes as you want in the latest design. Longer distance between the diffusers give more even light. I found it difficult to design a 3D-printer friendly design. It needs a lot of supports and that's not good. Have to design a more clever construction.

Flat frame box, RGB LED stripe kit

My project to have my TS130 APO refractor come to life again has come so far that it's ready for a test. There will be a need to flat calibrate the camera for this telescope. It has much wider aperture than my camera lenses and I need to make a new adapter for my flat calibration instrument. It's the one to the right, this adapter has an opening of 186 mm that fit this big refractor.

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