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HEQ5 as portable mount


  1. Introduction
  2. EQDIRECT from D-sub to RJ45
  3. Power terminal of HEQ5 changed
  4. Installing the 300 mm lens on HEQ5
  5. Rewiring the electric cables
  6. Connecting the Raspberry
  7. Setup GPSD
  8. Setup GPS NMEA
  9. Power consumption
  10. Battery power cables
  11. Tweaking auto guiding parameters
  12. Rowan Belt Modification Kit
  13. Making the tripod to a low rider
  14. Redesign of mount head details
  15. Raspberry Pi4 bracket
  16. Brackets: temperature sensor, spirit level and stepper motor
  17. Transport box
  18. EQDirect cable
  19. Brackets reinforced and adapt it to EQ6
  20. Cut the length of the GPS cable
  21. HEQ5 and TS130 refractor ?
  22. To be continued

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  1. HEQ5 as portable mount
  2. Pentax 645 300 mm ED IF f/4 lens
  3. KStars / EKOS and Raspberry Pi4

I take no responsibility or liability for what are written here, you use the information on your own risk!

8: Setup GPS NMEA

When not access to internet it's possible to to use the smart phone's time and location. Then you use the driver GPS NMEA (National Marine Electronics Association) for this, here are instructions:

More about GPS NMEA Indi driver:

More about NMEA:

I don't use GPS NMEA anymore since I got the GPSD and my GPS dongle to work, much better for my situation.

Setup Share GPS app:

I installed the recommended app "Share GPS" in my smartphone. There is a need to setup some parameters, it follows here. This is the setup when connected to the local network.

Setup of GPS NMEA, Raspberry / Astroberry

From the upper right three dots menu you find this, the setup menu. Most important is to check "create NMEA". I also tried to increase the GPS timer, but caused time out, left it to 1 second.

Setup of GPS NMEA, Raspberry / Astroberry

Add a new connection. Set data type to NMEA. Use TCP/IP. Set a name. Click Next.

Setup of GPS NMEA, Raspberry / Astroberry

Write down the port number, you set the same number in the INDI driver later.

Setup of GPS NMEA, Raspberry / Astroberry

Hold down on the GPS Lars (your name) for a while and this menu pops up. Click Connect.

Setup of GPS NMEA, Raspberry / Astroberry

Share GPS stay in listening mode until INDI ask for a connection (or some other).

Setup of GPS NMEA, Raspberry / Astroberry

Changes to metric standards by hold down on the numbers. Have a free view for the GPS dongle towards the satellites and soon the location and time update. You only need to do this once you start up the Raspberry.

Setup of Indi driver GPS NMEA:

Power on the Raspberry and start KStars and have Ekos open.

Setup of GPS NMEA, Raspberry / Astroberry

Select the GPS MNEA driver, if you had GPSD earlier, replace it with this.

Setup of GPS NMEA, Raspberry / Astroberry

Don't forget to save the profile, if you often change between two setups you can save them under two different profiles.

Setup of GPS NMEA, Raspberry / Astroberry

In your router you should be able to find your smartphone at some IP address. Set that IP address here and the port number you got from the smartphone at the setup above.

Setup of GPS NMEA, Raspberry / Astroberry

Don't forget to save your changes under the options menu.

Setup of GPS NMEA, Raspberry / Astroberry

Connect, time and location data shall show up, if not, check your smartphone, it shall display a "Connected" signal. I got some trouble that it makes timeouts sometimes. By changing the period to zero or 1 second I got it better.

Setup of GPS NMEA, Raspberry / Astroberry

Smartphone Connection window. The "Connector" signal has light up and indicate someone is in contact, in this case my Raspberry. The app Share GPS transmit the GPS time and location data to Raspberry and KStars.

Later I have to change some details when the Raspberry act as a hot spot and is set to a server.

Many thanks to my friend who solved a lot of setup problems !

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