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20171227 Chrysler Crossfire: Disc Brake replacement
Home>Vehicles>My Cars>Chrysler Crossfire: Disc Brake replacement

20171222 Lars Karlsson: Mina egna astronomi historier från balkongen: Swedish Svenska
Home>Astronomy>Astronomie Stories>Lars vedermödor på balkongen

20171221 Astronomy Calculations: Angle Conversation
Home>Astronomy>Calculations>Angle Conversation

20171218 Astronomy Calculations: Max Exposure time on tripod
Home>Astronomy>Calculations>Max Exposure time on tripod

20171206 Astronomy project: One more USB dew heater
Home>Astronomy>Projects>One more USB dew heater

20171204 Astronomy project: 3" field flattener test
Home>Astronomy>Projects>3" field flattener test

20171201 Photography: Light Field camera info
Home>Photography>Light Field camera info

20171125 Project: High efficient narrow band camera system
Home>Astronomy>Projects>High efficient narrow band camera system

20171124 Ekonomi Nyheter: Spårlös spårvagn Swedish flag Svenska
Home>Nyheter ekonomi>Spårlös spårvagn

20171124 Astronomy: Equipment software list updated
Home>Astronomy> Equipment software list updated

20171122 Links: Collection Raspberry Clusters
Home>Link Others> Collection Raspberry Clusters

20171118 Astronomy: Orbital Calculator
Home>Astronomy> Orbital Calculator

20171118 Anna Jonssons astronomi uppsats: Swedish Svenska
Home>Astronomy>Astronomie Stories>Annas uppsats: Svarta Hål

20171111 Tutorial update: Flat calibration
Home>Astronomy>Tutorials>Flat calibration rgb lamp

20171109 Ekonomi Nyheter: E-diesel Swedish flag Svenska
Home>Nyheter ekonomi>E-diesel

20171031 Project: EQ mount no meridian flip
Home>Astronomy>Projects>EQ mount no meridian flip

20171028 Travel report: Italy, Sardinia, 2017
Home>Travel>Europe>Italy, Sardinia, 2017

20171025 Astronomy: My own Excel Astronomy Calculations
Home>Astronomy>My own Excel Astronomy Calculations

20171024 Tutorial: Find the photon flow in your system
Home>Astronomy>Tutorials>Find the photon flow in your system

20171023 Tutorial: Pehr Sällström's presentation
Home>Astronomy>Tutorials>Goethe's Theory of Colour

20171020 Tutorial: Camera RGB multipliers with DCRaw
Home>Astronomy>Tutorials>Camera RGB multipliers with DCRaw

20171020 Tutorial: Camera time efficiency simulation, added thermal noise
Home>Astronomy>Tutorials>Camera time efficiency simulation

20171019 Observatory Sites: Sardinia Observatory
Home>Astronomy>Observatory Sites>Sardinia Observatory

20171005 Tutorial: Camera time efficiency simulation
Home>Astronomy>Tutorials>Camera time efficiency simulation

20171004 Tutorial: Test 2 of Parallel Super-Resolution plugin to AIJ
Home>Astronomy>Tutorials>AIJ, test 2 of Parallel Super-Resolution plugin

20171001 Tutorial: Test of Parallel Super-Resolution plugin to AIJ
Home>Astronomy>Tutorials>AIJ, test of Parallel Super-Resolution plugin

20171001 Tutorial: AIJ general macro to load DSLR raw files
Home>Astronomy>Tutorials>AIJ, general macro to load DSLR raw files

20170928 Tutorial: AIJ macro new version
Home>Astronomy>Tutorials>AIJ, macro new version

20170922 Engine MIL lamp fix
Home>Vehicles>My Cars>Chrysler Crossfire: Engine MIL lamp fix

20170905 Fundamental analys Mycronic Swedish flag Svenska
Home>Nyheter ekonomi>Fundamental analys Mycronic

20170903 Göran Kajler's telescope story Swedish Svenska
Home>Astronomy>Astronomie Stories>Göran Kajler's telescope story

20170901 Project: Telescope Carriage
Home>Astronomy>Projects: Telescope Carriage

20170831 Telescope adapters and threads
Home>Astronomy>Telescope adapters and threads

20170830 Project: Design your own Newton telescope
Home>Astronomy>Projects>Design your own Newton telescope

20170829 MAK, Mariestad's Star party 2017
Home>Travel>Sweden>MAK, Mariestad's Star party 2017

20170825 Photography: Slideshows

20170823 Ekonomi: Odlat kött info Swedish flag Svenska
Heme>Ekonomi: Odlat kött info

20170820 Project: Observatory - Astroserver and Powerunit ver2
Home>Astronomy>Projects>Astroserver and Powerunit ver2

20170815 Infinity Alpha speakers
Home>Sound & Image>Infinity Alpha speakers

20170812 Project: Observatory - Counterweight
Home>Astronomy>Projects>Observatory - Counterweight

20170812 Big binoculars project: First Light
Home>Astronomy>Projects>Big binoculars - First Light

20170808 Project: Observatory - Floor
Home>Astronomy>Projects>Observatory - Floor

20170808 Big binoculars project: Wooden distance between pier and binocular arm
Home>Astronomy>Projects>Big binoculars - Wooden distance between pier and binocular arm

20170802 Project: Observatory - More roof work
Home>Astronomy>Projects>Observatory - More roof work

20170728 New links, reviews of DSLR for astrophotography
Home>Links>Astronomy - reviews of DSLR for astrophotography

20170725 Project: Observatory - The mechanism of the roof
Home>Astronomy>Projects>Observatory - The mechanism of the roof

20170717 Project: Observatory - The base platform
Home>Astronomy>Projects>Observatory - The base platform

20170717 Big binoculars project update: Test rig
Home>Astronomy>Projects>Big binoculars - Test rig

20170705 Fundamental analys H&M Swedish flag Svenska
Home>Nyheter ekonomi>Fundamental analys H&M

20170627 Big binoculars project update: Caster Wheel implementation
Home>Astronomy>Projects>Big binoculars - Caster wheel

20170614 Sundby Gård Car Meeting June 2017
Home>Vehicles>Sundby Gård Car Meeting 2017

20170610 Big binoculars, 25x100
Home>Astronomy>Projects>Big binoculars

20170609 My Baltic Sea coastal cities travels
Home>Travel>Europe>Baltic Sea coastal cities

20170601 Project: EQ2 mount
Home>Astronomy>Projects>EQ2 mount

20170525 Project: Observatory - Roof top panel
Home>Astronomy>Projects>Observatory - Roof

20170520 Wishbones car meeting 2017
Home>Vehicles>Wishbones car meeting 2017

20170518 Chrysler Crossfire gallery
Home>Vehicles>My Cars>Chrysler Crossfire gallery

20170508 Ny sida: Ekonomi Investeringar Swedish flag Svenska
Home>Nyheter ekonomi>Investeringar

20170506 Slussen, nya foton Swedish flag Svenska
Home>Sweden History>Slussen filmer, Stockholm

20170503 Chrysler Crossfire update with info list
Home>Vehicles>My Cars>Chrysler Crossfire: Updated with info list

20170501 Project: Observatory - Roof
Home>Astronomy>Projects>Observatory - Roof

20170424 Lyrid Meteors Shower 2017
Home>Astronomy>My Photo>Lyrid Meteors Shower 2017

20170422 Tutorial: How to shot meteor showers
Home>Astronomy>Tutorials>How to shot meteor showers

20170418 Tutorial: AIJ Align Drizzle
Home>Astronomy>Tutorials>AIJ Align Drizzle

20170414 Tutorial: How to plan to photograph a comet
Home>Astronomy>Tutorials>How to plan to photograph a comet

20170412 new travel report, Turkey Side, 2014
Home>Travel>Europe>Turkey Side, 2014

20170409 Astronomical Dictionary
Home>Astronomy>Astronomical Dictionary

20170407 Ny sida: Mina gamla saker till salu Swedish flag Svenska
Home>Till Salu>

20170405 update, new chapter added, Calculation of calibration noise

20170331 new article about astronomy research instrument
Home>Astronomy>Articles>Instrument: Debris finder

20170330 update of text from IVA meeting
Home>Astronomy>Articles>Christer Fuglesang at IVA

20170328 update Observatorium Saltsjöbaden with lot of texts
Home>Astronomy>Observatory Sites>Observatory Saltsjöbaden

20170323 new comet photography
Home>Astronomy>My Photo>Comet 41P Tuttle-Giacobini-Kresak 2017

20170323 new comet photography
Home>Astronomy>My Photo>Comet Panstarrs C/2011 L4

20170323 new comet photography
Home>Astronomy>My Photo>Jacques C/2014 E2

20170323 new comet photography
Home>Astronomy>My Photo>Comet Lovejoy C/2013 R1

20170322 new travel report
Home>Travel>Europe>Round trip in western Andalusia

20170316 new travel report
Home>Travel>Europe>Cruise on the fjords of Norway, Flåm

20170301 Bilskrotar i Sverige Swedish flag Svenska
Home>Vehicles>Bilskrotar i Sverige

20170224 new travel report
Home>Travel>Europe>Scotland by car, 2007

20170219 new travel report
Home>Travel>Europe>Turkey, bus tour Cappadocia, 2013

20170217 update of text in ISO DSLR
Home>Astronomy>Tutorials>ISO DSLR

20170209 Slussen, "nya" gamla filmer Swedish flag Svenska
Home>Sweden History>Slussen filmer, Stockholm

20170207 Valve Amplifiers
Home>Sound & Image>Valve Amplifiers

20170205 car meeting Gärdesloppet 2006
Home>Vehicles>Car meeting Djurgården 2006

20170201 update of car meeting Gärdesloppet 2004 with increased size of photos and more info
Home>Vehicles>Car meeting Djurgården 2004

20170131 Car meeting Sundby Gård 2015
Home>Vehicles>Car meeting Sundby Gård

20170128 Slussen, nya foton Swedish flag Svenska
Home>Sweden History>Slussen i Stockholm

20170126 More info about my old cars
Home>Vehicles>My old cars

20170123 My father's mahogany cruiser
Home>Vehicles>My father's mahogany cruiser

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