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Light Field

A collection of links about Light Field camera techniques

  1. Introduction, light field cameras
  2. Light field theory
  3. What Light Field cameras can do
  4. Light Field and astronomy

1: Introduction, light field cameras

This page is new and under construction.

There are a lot of applications to Light Field, you maybe have read about the Lytro cameras that you can focus AFTER you had taken the image:

Now its big brother has come:

This technique is very exiting and what can be done with it.

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2: Light field theory

Here I have collected links with information about the Light field theory:

Light Field

I add more links later.

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3: What Light Field cameras can do

Take a look at this movies to see examples of what a light field camera can do:

Green screen and 3D:

I'm sure we will see a lot of this as special effects in movies from now and in future.

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4: Light Field and astronomy

And of course I think about how this technique can be used in other ways with specialized software. Maybe even in astrophotography, seeing killer?

Application of Light Field in astronomy:

Adaptive optics is the most common and are not new. But new technology and powerful computers can make it more advanced. The more advanced systems have "rubber" mirrors that they bend to correct the incoming seeing disturbed wave.

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