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20200120 Astronomy photo: M42, Orion Nebula
Home>Astronomy>Photo>Nebulas>Orion Nebula

20191213 Astronomy Calculator: Minimize vignetting from filter:
Home>Astronomy>Calculations>Minimize vignetting

20201011 Astronomy photo: Comet Atlas C/2017 M4
Home>Astronomy>Photo>Comets>Atlas C/2017 M4

20201010 Astronomy photo: Open star cluster, M44
Home>Astronomy>Photo>Open Star Clusters>M44

20200110 Astronomy tutorial: How to rotate raw-files:
Home>Astronomy>Tutorial>How to rotate raw-files

20200108 Astronomy tutorial: How to setup EQMOD and PHD2:
Home>Astronomy>Tutorial>Setup EQMOD and PHD2

20201005 Astronomy photo: Galaxy M102 and M106
Home>Astronomy>Photo>Galaxy>M102 Home>Astronomy>Photo>Galaxy>M106

20191219 My favorite song and music list
Home>Sound & Song and Music>My favorite list

20191216 Astronomy Science data: Gaia data archive:
Home>Astronomy>Science data>Gaia data

20191212 Astronomy Calculator: Frank Drake's Equation:
Home>Astronomy>Calculations>Drake's Equation

20191211 Travel / Europe: Travel to Krakow, Bratislava and Budapest, 2010
Home>Travel>Europe>Krakow, Bratislava and Budapest

20191128 Astronomy Observatory sites: Stockholm's Observatory:
Home>Astronomy>Observatory Sites>Stockholm's Observatory

20191123 Travel / Sweden: By steam train to Katrineholm, 2005
Home>Travel>Sweden>Steam train to Katrineholm

20191122 Travel / Europe: Travel to Zug in Switzerland, 1988
Home>Travel>Europe>Zug in Switzerland

20191121 Travel / Europe: Car travel through Germany and Austria, 1988
Home>Travel>Europe>Car travel through Germany and Austria

20191108 Astronomy seminars: The ALMA Fornax Cluster Survey:
Home>Astronomy>Seminar> How does the galaxy cluster environment affect molecular gas and star formation?

20191106 Astronomy tutorial: Setup off-axis adapter:
Home>Astronomy>Tutorial>Setup off-axis adapter

20191030 Home Theatre: Resurrection, 2019
Home>Sound & Image>Home Theatre>Resurrection

20191022 Photography: Fall in Hagsätra, 2019
Home>Photography>Seasons>Fall in Hagsätra

20191021 Vehicles: Car racing Mantorp
Home>Vehicles>Mantorp, 2019

20191005 Astronomy seminars: The multi-messenger picture of merging neutron stars:
Home>Astronomy>Seminar>The multi-messenger picture of merging neutron stars

20190927 Astronomy seminars: Stellar Exoplanet evolution:
Home>Astronomy>Seminar>Stellar Exoplanet evolution

20190926 Vehicles: Oxhagen Gård, car meeting
Home>Vehicles>Oxhagen Gård, 2019

20190921 Astronomy photo: Walking among meteorites, Naturhistoriska Riksmuseet, 2019
Home>Astronomy>Photo>Meteorites>Iron meteorites

20190731 Travel / Sweden and astronomy: MAK Star party and visiting places in middle of Sweden, 2019
Home>Travel>Sweden>MAK and middle of Sweden

20190911 Vehicles: A visit in Håkan's garage
Home>Vehicles>Håkan's garage, 2019

20190905 Astronomy project: Vignetting analyzes of my lenses and telescopes
Home>Astronomy>Photo>Project>Vignetting lenses telescopes

20190901 Astronomy photo: Galaxy M31, first light Canon 300 mm

20190807 Chrysler Crossfire: Headlights adjustment and align
Home>Vehicles>Chrysler Crossfires>Headlights adjustment and align

20190731 Travel / Sweden: By car in Southern Sweden, 2019
Home>Travel>Sweden>By car in Southern Sweden

20190727 A visit at Osby USA Bildelar, 2019
Home>Vehicles>Scrapped cars>Osby USA Bildelar

20190714 Travel / Walks: Walk along Motala Ström in Norrköping, 2019
Home>Travel>Sweden>Motala Ström in Norrköping

20190709 Ships: A visit to icebreaker Atle, 2019
Home>Ships>Icebreaker Atle, 2019

20190703 Travel / Walks: Old and new photographs from Stockholm
Home>Travel>Sweden>Old and new photographs from Stockholm

20190630 Aircrafts, flight spotting at Arlanda, 2019
Home>Aircrafts>Flight spotting Arlanda, 2019

20190628 Travel: A cruise with M/S Saga Lejon, 2008
Home>Travel>Sweden>A cruise with M/S Saga Lejon

20190626 Astronomy seminars: Lyman Spectra:
Home>Astronomy>Articles>Lyman Spectra

20190613 Travel: A cruise with the classic M/S Birger Jarl, 2004
Home>Travel>Sweden>A cruise with M/S Birger Jarl

20190613 Travel: A cruise with the schooner Vega in Stockholm, 2013
Home>Travel>Sweden>A cruise with the schooner Vega

20190529 Astronomy seminars: Spectra from Exoplanets and stars:
Home>Astronomy>Articles>Spectra from Exoplanets and stars

20190528 Astronomy report: Installation of Jupiter version 2 at Arlanda airport:
Home>Astronomy>Articles>Installation of Jupiter version 2

20190519 Astronomy project: Star Adventurer tripod:
Home>Astronomy>Projects>Star Adventurer tripod

20190519 Sound & Image, Biograf (Cinema) Sländan Museum
Home>Sound & Image>Biograf (Cinema) Sländan Museum

20190509 Car meeting at Mel's Garage, Enköping 2019
Home>Vehicles>Car meetings>Car meeting at Mel's Garage

20190505 Astronomy project: EQ6 Mount, dismantling / rebuilding:
Home>Astronomy>Projects>EQ6 Mount, dismantling / rebuilding

20190401 Astronomy photo: Open cluster NGC 6811
Home>Astronomy>Photo>NGC 6811

20190417 Travel: Rhodes, an island of Greece, 2019
Home>Travel>Europe>Rhodes, 2019

20190414 Astronomy, observatory sites: A visit to the observatory Astronomy Cafe in Rhodes
Home>Astronomy>Observatory sites>A visit to Astronomy Cafe

20190402 Astronomy photo: RGB source in light box, update
Home>Astronomy>Tutorials>RGB source light box

20190401 Astronomy photo: Globular cluster NGC 6229 and Galaxy M102
Home>Astronomy>Photo>NGC 6229
Home>Astronomy>Photo>Messier 102

20190401 Chrysler Crossfire: Alternator replacement
Home>Vehicles>Chrysler Crossfires>Alternator replacement

20190329 Astronomy photo: Globular cluster M92 and Galaxy M94
Home>Astronomy>Photo>Messier 92
Home>Astronomy>Photo>Messier 94

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