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20190111 Sweden Karl Johan Slussen rivs
Home>Historia>Slussen>Besök i januari 2019

20191010 Now it should be possiblie to follow Astrofriend's news on Twitter


20181228 Helmut's C. G. Pettersson cruiser Sindbad
Home>Vehicles>Helmut's C. G. Pettersson Cruiser Sindbad

20181227 My father's cruiser Monalisa, info update
Home>Vehicles>Evert's Pettersson Cruiser Monalisa

20181218 Travel: Sweden's Lappland, 12 days by car, 2002
Home>Travel>Sweden>Lappland, 2002

20181206 Astronomy project: Sigma APO 150 mm f/2.8 vs Pentax 6x7 165 mm f/2.8, update:
Home>Astronomy>Projects>Test on M45 nebula

20181205 Astronomy: M45 Pleiades with medium format lens, 2018
Home>Astronomy>My own photos>M45 Pleiades

20181124 Astronomy tutorial: Lens distortion, test patterns
Home>Astronomy>Tutorials>Lens distortion, test patterns

20181122 Travel: Portugal, five days in Lisbon, 2018
Home>Travel>Europe>Portugal, five days in Lisbon

20181120 Chrysler Crossfire: Heater blower fan replacement
Home>Vehicles>Chrysler Crossfires>Heater blower fan replacement

20181120 Chrysler Crossfire: Find and change the coupe air filter
Home>Vehicles>Chrysler Crossfires>Find and change the coupe air filter

20181017 Astronomy project: Star Adventurer and angled viewfinder
Home>Astronomy>Projects>Star Adventurer and angled viewfinder

20181116 Astronomy Observatory sites: Lisbon Astronomy Observatory
Home>Astronomy>Observatory sites>Lisbon Astronomy Observatory

20181107 My father's cruiser Monalisa, more photos
Home>Vehicles>Cruiser Monalisa

20181106 Infinity Alpha 50, new tweeters
Home>Sound & Image>Infinity Alpha 50y>New tweeters

20181103 Focus stacking
Home>Photography>Macro Photography>Focus stacking

20181103 Travel: One week at Tenerife, island of Spain, 2016
Home>Travel>Europe>One week at Tenerife

20181102 Macro slider setup and test
Home>Photography>Macro Photography>Macro slider

20181030 Astronomy project: Astrophotography test of medium format Pentax 67 165 mm f/2.8 lens
Home>Astronomy>Projects>Astrophotography test of Pentax 67 lens

20181024 Astronomy project: Sigma APO 150 mm f/2.8 vs Pentax 6x7 165 mm f/2.8
Home>Astronomy>Projects>Vignetting test

20181023 Astronomy tutorial: Many short or few long exposures ?
Home>Astronomy>Tutorials>Photo dynamics

20181021 One day at Mantorp Park race track
Home>Vehicles>Mantorp Park

20181019 Astronomy: M45 Pleiades 2018
Home>Astronomy>My own photos>M45 Pleiades

20181019 Astronomy tutorial: Moonlit night sky or not ?
Home>Astronomy>Tutorials>Moonlit night sky or not ?

20181019 Sweden Astronomi: Test av observationsplatser
Home>Astronomy>Observationsplatser i Stockholm>Test av observationsplatser

20181015 Astronomy project: Star Adventurer L-bracket modification
Home>Astronomy>Projects>Star Adventurer L-bracket modification

20181013 Travel: One week at Crete, island of Greece, 2018
Home>Travel>Europe>One week at Crete

20181013 Astronomy Observatory sites: Skinaka observatory at Crete
Home>Astronomy>Observatory sites>Skinaka observatory

20181007 Astronomy tutorial: Remote control of Canon camera by smart phone
Home>Astronomy>Tutorials>Remote control of Canon

20181006 Astronomy Observatory sites: Teide observatory
Home>Astronomy>Observatory sites>Teide observatory

20181003 Astronomy project: Star Adventurer wedge modification
Home>Astronomy>Projects>Star Adventurer wedge modification

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