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Where ?

Swedish flag


Europe, Sweden=yellow

I live in the very north of Europe, in Stockholm the capital of Sweden.

Sweden is one of the biggest countries in Europe but not very much people live here, about 9 million. We have a lot of space to walk about.

Hi, I'm Lars Karlsson
Brown bear

And no, we don't have any polar bears here, but about 4000 brown bears in the forests. If you find something that look like this, run like hell!

Rudolph with the red nose

Rudolph with the red nose is everywhere in north of Sweden!


Also a couple of hundreds of thousands moose (elks) running around.

Do I have any hobbies ?

Home Theatre:

In the darker half of the year I earlier spent a lot of hours at my hobby home theatre.

Now it have started again with some thoughts, just planning.

Here is some info:

Sound and Home Theatre page


It's so nice to save all the memories from different places I have visited and all the interesting things that I have found. I also try to share that feeling to you with the photographs here on my homepage as you can see under the travel menu.

My travel page:

Färjeläger Adelsö


I have always been so fascinated about the universe. So big, so strange, so beautiful, so exiting. Are we alone? The last 15 years we know something we didn't know earlier. There are plenty of planets around other stars, not only our Sun have planets!

Hale Bopp and NOT


A big interest in my life are economy, investments in stock market is one part of that. You must have some money to live on when retired!

This is my new economy page (in Swedish):



Cars has always been one of my major interests. Technology changes and nowadays we talk about battery cars.

Car meeting reports and my own cars:

My earlier cars

Traveling and bicycling:

I like to travel when I don't know what to expect. Driving the car and find new things. Find where to live in the last minute. But I don't need to travel very far away, if the weather is nice and the sun is shining, I take a day off and take a bike ride here in Stockholm.

You find a lot of photo reports from my travels at the Travel menu.

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