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20100621 Meteorite craters in Stockholm, update of maps:
Home>Astronomy>Meteorite craters Stockholm

20100620 Three city tour, part 1 Krakow:
Not online

20100620 Three city tour, part 2 Bratislava:
Not online

20100620 Three city tour, part 3 Budapest:
Not online

20100513 SPACE, a meeting at IVA and with Christer Fuglesang:
Home>Astronomy>Articles>Christer Fuglesang at IVA

20100503 7 days in Venice:
Not online

20100502 New page about investments, fundamental analysis of shares. First out are Ericsson and Clas Ohlson:
Not online

20100101 New page with links to Web TV channels:
Home>Web TV>Web TV channels


20091130 Fog in Stockholm city:
Not online

20091111 Deep Sky, Milky Way through GRAS, Global Rent A Telescope:
Home>Astronomy>My Photos>Deep Sky>Milky Way

20091110 Observatory hill:
Not online

20091029 An evening at Södermalm:
Not online

20091026 Five days walk in Prague:
Not online

20091020 Walk about Slussen:
Not online

20091009 Cruising in Norway:
Home>Travel>Europe>Cruise on the fjords of Norway, Flåm

20091009 Old Town Copenhagen, Denmark:
Not online

20091006 My homepage moved to new address:
http://www.karlsson (not used anymore)

20090928 My friend Bjorn informed me about what have happens the last year about robotic telescopes.
Home>Astronomy/My Astronomy Photo>GRAS

20090618 Added more friends under menu of links:

20090110 Debris-finder, an article about a very special astronomy camera:
Home>Astronomy>Articles>Debris finder


20080806 At last, a new place where I can store my homepages:
Not used anymore!

20080515 Old Town Visby, Baltic Sea:
Not online

20080101 Fireworks 2007:
Not online


20071223 Weapen factory Wira Bruk:
Not online

20071218 Stensättra Fortress:
Not online

20071215 Water around lake Gömmaren:
Not online

20071214 Svindersvik:
Not online

20071214 Update of ship links:
Home>Links>Links#history(Swedish ship info)

20071209 Rock and Stone:
Not online

20071201 Update of IPTV links:

20071117 Lots of new links about astronomy:

20071110 Car travel in Scotland:
Not online

20071110 Steam-train in Scotland:
Not online

20071023 preprocessing bias, dark and flat images (astronomy):
Home>Astronomy>Tutorials>Calibration astro image processing

20070915 New info about my own car history: Mustang, Dodge, Corvette, Lincoln, Audi & Ka:
Home>Vehicles>My cars

20070812 Perseids meteor shower:
Not online

20070619 update page of links:
This one

20070617 added this news page which include history changes:

20070616 replaced cruising images with other of higher resolution:
Not online

20070616 added Skansen:
Not online

20070615 added Gärdesloppet 2007:
Home>Vehicles>Gärdesloppet 2007

20070615 lots of corrections, thank you everybody for the feedback!

20070614 new homepage, replace the earlier one, third edition.


20040224 launch of Lars Karlsson's homepage second edition.