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20161212 Massive update of astronomy dealers links
Home>Links>Astronomy retailers links update

20161211 New car: Chrysler Crossfire
Home>Vehicles>My Cars>Chrysler Crossfire

20161210 Mounting plate for focus driver
Home>Astronomy>Projects>Mounting plate for focus driver

20161128 Three Inch flattener adapter work, part 2
Home>Astronomy>Projects>Three Inch flattener adapter work, part 2

20161123 New project: Three Inch flattener
Home>Astronomy>Projects>Three Inch flattener

20160930 New project: Kstars and Ekos Linux astroserver
Home>Astronomy>Projects>Kstars and Ekos Linux astroserver

20160920 List of Android apps I use in astronomy
Home>Astronomy>Equipment>List of Android apps I use

20160913 Sigma 150mm f2.8 test photo of M31 and M45
Home>Astronomy>Projects>Sigma 150mm f2.8 test photo of M31 and M45

20160912 Star Adventurer, Red Dot Finder
Home>Astronomy>Projects>Star Adventurer, Red Dot Finder

20160911 Building Observatory, door and hatch
Home>Astronomy>Projects>Building Observatory, door and hatch

20160907 Perseid Meteor Smoker by Gunilla
Home>Astronomy>My Photo>Perseid Meteor Smoker by Gunilla

20160906 Report from MAK Star party 2016
Home>Travel>Sweden>MAK Star Party 2016

20160903 New astronomy cluster photography
Home>Astronomy>My Photo>M13 Wide angle version

20160829 New astronomy Perseid Meteor Shower photography
Home>Astronomy>My Photo>Perseid Meteor Shower 2016

20160827 New astronomy cluster photography
Home>Astronomy>My Photo>M45 Pleiades Open Cluster

20160821 New chapter in project: Building Observatory, framework to the roof
Home>Astronomy>Projects>Building Observatory, framework to the roof

20160819 New chapter in project Star Adventure, travel kit
Home>Astronomy>Projects>Star Adventurer travel kit

20160816 New projec: Building a observatory
Home>Astronomy>Projects>Building an Observatory

20160806 Update: Heating band, USB powered
Home>Astronomy>Projects>USB powered heating band

20160804 Update: Star Adventure polar align
Home>Astronomy>Projects>Star Adventure Polar Align

20160606 Update of AstroImageJ, stacking process
Home>Astronomy>Tutorials>AstroImageJ stacking process

20160528 Update of AstroImageJ, align process
Home>Astronomy>Tutorials>AstroImageJ align process

20160516 Update of AstroImageJ, macro
Home>Astronomy>Tutorials>AstroImageJ my first macros

20160509 New Tutorial: AstroImageJ
Home>Astronomy>Tutorials>AstroImageJ astrophoto editing

20160426 Update of my astronomy equipment
Home>Astronomy>Equipment>List of Windows softwares I use

20160419 New tutorial, How to fins comets
Home>Astronomy>Tutorials>How To Find Comets

20160418 New page, Travel Inspiration
Home>Travel>Travel Inspiration

20160417 New project, Star Adventurer tripod
Home>Astronomy>Projects>Star Adventure tripod

20160416 New astronomy cluster photography
Home>Astronomy>My Photo>M56 Globular Cluster

201600404 New links
Home>Links>New links

20160330 Ny sida om Stockholms Slussen Swedish flag Svenska
Home>Sweden History>Slussen i Stockholm

20160325 Ny sida om Sveriges historia, Stenb´vlavs broar Swedish flag Svenska
Home>Sweden History>Sveriges Stenvalvsbroar

20160320 New chapter in project astro server
Home>Astronomy>Projects>Astroserver, replace of USB-Hub

20160317 New astronomy cluster photography
Home>Astronomy>My Photo>M52 open cluster

20160317 new astronomy cluster photography
Home>Astronomy>My Photo>M39 open cluster

20160316 New Tutorial: Transmission and Time Efficiency

20160312 new astronomy cluter photography
Home>Astronomy>My Photo>M92 globular cluster

20160310 Ny sida med Sveriges fornhistoria Swedish flag Svenska
Home>Sweden History>Sveriges Fornhistoria

20160308 new nebulosa photography
Home>Astronomy>My Photo>M76 Little Dumbbell Nebulosa

20160308 new galaxy photography
Home>Astronomy>My Photo>M101 Pinwheel galaxy

20160307 report from VSP Star party
Home>Travel>Sweden>VSP star party 2016

20160303 Tutorial: Dithering

Home>Astronomy>My Photo>M13 globular cluster

20160302 Tutorial: Semiatomtically drift align update
Home>Astronomy>Tutorials>Drift align

Home>Astronomy>My Photo>M3 globular cluster

Home>Astronomy>My Photo>M51 Whirlpool galaxy

Home>Astronomy>My Photo>M13 globular cluster

Home>Astronomy>My Photo>M3 globular cluster

Home>Astronomy>Observatory Sites>Antequera solar calendar

Home>Travel>Europe>Andalusia Malaga

Home>Astronomy>Observatory Sites>Prague Observatory