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Chrysler Crossfire

2005 years Chrysler Crossfire, Stockholm 2016

After nine years with my Ford Ka I have to replace it, but with which car?

Chrysler Crossfire

After eight months of searching and I don't remember how many times I changed my mind of what I want. At last I bought this, a Chrysler Crossfire. Why this stupid car that only has two seats, very limited trunk and poor gas mileage? And then it's older and has more miles than my already old Ford Ka. And where shall I have my astronomy equipment?

Yes it's stupid, but I like the V6 engine, rear wheel drive and the compact coupe. As you maybe know this is a Mercedes SLK 320 under the body. Mercedes has good reputation about it's quality and it make it easier to find spare parts here in Europe.

The engine is a 3.2 liter V6 and 215 hp, about the same hp as my earlier cars, but this car has much less weight. The gearbox is a Mercedes automatic 5 speed with overdrive. I paid exactly as much for this car as I paid for my Ford Ka nine years ago.

I have rewritten this page. Now it's a collection of information I need to understand this car and how to repair it if it get broken. I'm sure others also need this information so I share it here to you.

General information about Chrysler Crossfire:

Useful information about Chrysler Crossfire and how to repair it:

My own repair:

This is a collection of what I have found and what I have done on my Crossfire.

Chrysler Crossfire gallery:

Chrysler Crossfire gallery 2017

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Chrysler Crossfire:

Here is a page to read about this Chrysler model:

As you can read is this car built in Germany by Karmann on a Mercedes R170 (SLK) platform. The design is from Eric Stoddard and later by Andrew Dyson. It's was fun to read about Eric, he also design the Hyundai Genesis, also a car I thought about.

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V6 engine E32

The model code to this V6 engine is M112. This version is the 320 or 3.2 liter, it had been manufactured in different sizes, from 2.4 to 3.7 liters. From years 1998 to 2008.

The engine is a bit special, it has two spark plugs on each cylinder, twelve in total. Each cylinder has three valves, two intake and one outlet.

V8 engine in Crossfire?

I found some interesting readings, some Mercedes V8s fit directly to the gearbox and also Chryslers Hemi V8s looks to fit without to much work.

I don't have any plans to replace my V6 engine, but fun to know that I could.

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Automatic 5 speed gearbox:

Mercedes call this automatic gearbox 5G Tronic. It was introduced already 1996 and is still in use in the most powerful models which the new automatic 6-speed gearbox can not handle.

The gearbox has lock up function on the higher gears.

The gearbox don't have an oil stick from factory, you have to buy one separate!

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Commercials and review:

I have also found some commercials for this car when it was new and some other stuff:

And here is a Swedish review of the Crossfire:

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Chrysler forum and manuals:

This is very valuable information if you have to repair your Crossfire:

With this information I don't have to solve all problems by myself.

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Fuel injectors:

Modern car don't have a carburetor, they have a fuel injection system. They have to be replaced or clean after some years / mileage. Here I have found a link and a video that show how you can do it:

Be careful if you try to do this by yourself, high pressure fuel system can be very dangerous if handled incorrect!

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Cleaning and waxing:

After I bought the car I cleaned and wax it to have some protection during the winter. I couldn't find any rust problems, just a few paint scratches where it was tiny surface rust, easy to fix when the summer comes, until then it's protected by the wax coating.

Front of Chrysler Crossfire

Along the car goes lines over the hood and roof, also the interior. For me it looks very nice and give a special look.

Backside of Chrysler Crossfire

And the look of the back? Some people love it and others do not. For me it's ok.

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Anti theft alarm:

My plan today was to do some work on my car, but ...

Chrysler Crossfire and snow

Welcome to Sweden!

I did some research on internet instead. I found that in Europe the remote controlled anti theft alarms are transmitting in the 400 MHz radio band, this car is imported from US and they use the 300 MHz radio band. So what I understand they have replaced the original transmitters in the keys with the two extra I have to get it certified for Europe. Then I shouldn't change anything, and when I replaced the battery in the second remote control it started working directly.

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Replacement of battery:

I got problems to start the engine when I have not used it for a week or so, find that the battery was out of power, it looks new but something wrong with it. And it was also only a 60 Amph capacity, it should be a 74 Amph battery. I bought a new 74 Amph Bosch battery at Mekonomen and luckily it was a 25% discount these Christmas days on it and a three years guarantee. After a week without use I tried to start the engine today with minus 13 degree Celsius outdoor temperature, no problem, it started direct!

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