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  • Contents

  • Astronomy, retail dealers
  • Telescopes
  • Mounts
  • Direct drive mount projects
  • Observatory building tips
  • Observatory dome building tips

  • CCD and CMOS cameras
  • Camera analyze review and news
  • Focus stepper motors

  • Filters
  • Control programs
  • Image processing
  • Image analyze
  • Star charts

  • Astronomy photos and sketches
  • Robotic-telescopes
  • Tips and tricks
  • Reviews

  • Work shop and parts
  • Meteor and Meteor Shower
  • Planets
  • Comets
  • Impacts

  • Interesting readings about astronomy
  • Magazine
  • Astronomy clubs and associations
  • Astronomy education

  • Space crafts
  • Space
  • Space Tourism
  • I also have a new page with "Astronomical Dictionary" links to Wikipedia: ../astronomy/astronomical-dictionary/astronomical-dictionary.html

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    Astronomy, retail dealers:

    I have tried to sort the dealers on their home countries, most pages has an "English" button. This is links that I have found when looking for "difficult" parts. I hope it will help others to find what they looking for.

    retail dealers, Sweden:

  • (telescope supplier, Rymdbutiken, Sweden)
  • (telescope supplier, Astrosweden, Sweden)
  • (telescope supplier, Stjärnhuset, Sweden)
  • (telescope supplier, Gfoto, Sweden)
  • retail dealers, Denmark:

  • (telescope supplier, Astro, Denmark)
  • retail dealers, UK:

  • (telescope supplier, Wide Screen Centre, UK)
  • (telescope supplier, Telescope House, UK)
  • (telescope supplier, North Down Telescopes, UK)
  • (telescope supplier, Tring Astro, UK)
  • (telescope & CCD supplier, 365Astronomy, UK)
  • (telescope & CCD supplier, Altair Astro, UK)
  • (Observattoy Domes, Pulsar Observatories, UK)
  • (power adapters EQ Direct, Astronomiser, UK)
  • (telescope & CCD supplier, First Light Optics, UK)
  • (telescope & CCD supplier, Harrison Telescopes, UK)
  • (astrographs, Astrograph, UK)
  • (telescope & CCD supplier, Ian King Imaging, UK)
  • (telescope & CCD supplier, Modern Astronomy, UK)
  • (telescopes supplier, Optical Vision, UK)
  • (telescope & CCD supplier, Opticstar, UK)
  • (telescopes supplier, Orion Optics, UK)
  • (telescope & CCD supplier, SCS Astro, UK)
  • (Camera supplier, Speedflameout, UK)
  • (telescopes supplier, Green-Witch, UK)
  • (telescope & CCD supplier, Rother Valley Optics, UK)
  • (telescopes, Vixen Optics, UK)
  • (telescopes supplier, Wex Photographic, UK)
  • (telescopes supplier, Harpers Photographic, UK)
  • (telescope & CCD supplier, Explorer Schientific, UK)
  • (Takahashi telescope supplier, Takahashi Europe, UK)
  • (telescope & CCD supplier, Opticstar, UK)

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    retail dealers, Ireland:

  • (telescope supplier, Ktec Telescopes, Ireland)
  • retail dealers, Germany:

  • (telescope supplier, APM Telescops, Germany)
  • (telescope and mounts, Astro System, Germany)
  • (telescope camera supplier, TAstro Lumina, Germany)
  • (telescope and mount supplier, Teleskop Laden, Germany)
  • (telescope supplier, Bresser, Germany)
  • (telescope supplier, Telescope-Express, Germany)
  • (telescope supplier, Astroshop, Germany)
  • (filter supplier, Baader, Germany)
  • en/home (filter supplier, Astromik, Germany)
  • retail dealers, Italy:

  • (telescope and accessories, Geminitelescope, Italy)
  • (telescope and accessories, Staroptics, Italy)
  • (telescope and accessories, Primalucelab, Italy)
  • (telescope and accessories, Otticasanmarco, Italy)
  • (mirrors and accessories, Reginato, Italy)
  • (mirrors and accessories, Costruzioniottichezen, Italy)
  • (mirrors and accessories, Otticheariete, Italy)
  • (telescope and accessories, Astrottica, Italy)
  • (telescope, Unitron Italia, Italy)
  • (telescope and accessories for astronomy, Teleskopia, Italy)
  • (telescope and accessories for astronomy, Italy)
  • (telescope and accessories for astronomy, Telescopedoctor, Italy)
  • (telescope and accessories for astronomy, Technosky, Italy)
  • (accessories for astronomy, Lbastro, Italy)
  • retail dealers, Bulgaria:

  • (Dobson and Newton, Bulgaria)
  • retail dealers, France:

  • (telescope and accessories, Pierro Astro, France)
  • (telescope and accessories, Telescopes, France)
  • (USB-focus, manufacturer)
  • retail dealers, Netherlands:

  • (Sumerian Optics, Netherlands) NEW Jul 2017!
  • (telescope supplier, Robotics, Netherlands)
  • retail dealers, Belgium:

  • (telescope and accessories, Astromarket, Belgium)
  • (telescope and mount supplier, Lichtenknecker Optics, Belgium)
  • retail dealers, Austria:

  • (telescope and mount supplier, Teleskop Austria, Austria)
  • retail dealers, Poland:

  • (telescope and mount supplier, Astromarket, Poland)
  • retail dealers, Czech Republic:

  • (telescope and mount supplier, Astrobchod, Czech Republic)
  • retail dealers, Hungary:

  • (telescope and mount supplier, Tavcso, Hungary)
  • retail dealers, US:

  • (Astro Pete's, retailer, US) NEW Aug 2017!
  • (mounts supplier, Alpine Astro, US)
  • (telescopes, Astro-Physics, US)
  • (Coatings, Astronomy Mall, US)
  • (telescope and mounts, Highpoint Scientific, US)
  • (telescope and parts, Dream Scopes, US)
  • (telescope and parts, Hans On Optics, US)
  • (telescope accessories, Hotech USA, US)
  • (Borg telescopes, Hutech, US)
  • (Hyperstar correctors, Hyperstars Imaging, US)
  • (mounts, Ioptrom, US)
  • (custum machining cnc parts, JTW Astronomy, US)
  • (telescope and parts, Smart Astronomy, US)
  • (motor focus, Lakeside Astro, US)
  • (filters, Lumicon, US)
  • (motor focus, Focuser, US)
  • (telescope and parts, Optcorp, US)
  • (optical parts, Edmund Optics, US)
  • (orion telescope, Telescope, US)
  • rigelsys/rigelsys.html (spectroscopi, Rigel System, US)
  • (telescope and parts, Scopecity, US)
  • (telescope, binoviewer parts, Siebert Optics, US)
  • (telescope and parts, Skies Unlimited, US)
  • (remote USB, Southern Stars, US)
  • (telescope and parts, Starizona, US)
  • (advanced accessories, US-Astro, US)
  • (telescope and accessories, Astronomics, US)
  • (telescope and parts, Woodland Hills, US)
  • (motor focus and parts, Astrofocus Technology, US)
  • (filter wheels and accessories, Xagyl Astro, US)
  • (telescope and parts, Stellarvue, US)
  • (on-axis guider, Innovation Foresight, US)
  • (telescope and parts, Scopestuff, US)
  • (telescope and parts, Agena Astro, US)
  • (telescope parts, Skypoint, US)
  • (telescope mirrors, Royce, US)
  • (telescope parts, Protostar, US)
  • (telescope parts, spiders, US)
  • (focus accessories for astronomy, Observatory, US)
  • (telescope & CCD supplier, Astrovid, US)
  • (filter supplier, Astrodon, US)
  • retail dealers, Canada:

  • (All-Star Telescope, retailer, Canada) NEW Aug 2017!
  • (telescope and accessories, Ontario Telescope, Canada)
  • (telescope and accessories, Canadian Telescopes, Canada)
  • (powersuply dew heater controllers, Kendrick Astro, Canada)
  • (telescope and accessories, Khanscope, Canada)
  • (telescopes and mounts, Astrodon, Canada)
  • retail dealers, Australia:

  • (telescope and accessories, Bintel, Australia)
  • retail dealers, Russia:

  • (Telescope, Astrosib, Russia)
  • retail dealers, Ukraine:

  • (Telescope, Astromagazin, Ukraine)
  • retail dealers, China:

  • (telescope and accessories, Cnscope, China)
  • retail dealers, Indonesia:

  • (telescope and accessories, Toko Teleskop, Indonesia)

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  • (GSO Telescopes, China)
  • hutech/ (Borg telescope supplier)
  • (William telescope manufacturer)
  • (Telescope history)
  • 1.0/section.php? sectionid=12 (telescope overview)
  • (RC Optical Systems telescope manufacturer)
  • (Sky-Watcher telescope manufacturer)
  • (Meade telescope manufacturer)
  • (Celestron telescope manufacturer)
  • (Scope Craft telescope manufacturer)

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  • astro/pe.html (Mount performance overview, by Hans Lambermont) NEW Aug 2017!
  • (AstroEQ, stepper motor controller kit) NEW Aug 2017!
  • EQ6 rebuild guide/ EQ worm alignment.htm (EQ6 mount, worm gear adjustment)
  • tm.html/ (Mel Bartels', telescope making)
  • (Stepper motor controller)
  • (Telescope focusers)
  • (Discmount manufacturer)
  • (Chronos unique harmonic drive gear)

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    Direct drive mount projects:

  • cavadore/technical/ Directdrives/ (French direct drive projects DIY)
  • directdrivemotor.html (Prototype direct drive motor)
  • DirectDriveWork InProgress.pdf (Direct drive amateur budget
  • full/2008SASS...27..123G/ 0000124.000.html (Direct drive)

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    Observatory building tips:

  • Astrofriend's Observatory project (My own observatory building project, DIY)
  • (Observatory Solutions, Ready made) NEW Jul 2017!
  • (Explora Dome, Ready made) NEW Jul 2017!
  • building.html (Bright Skies Observatory, DIY) NEW Jul 2017!
  • observatory (Astro Steve Observatory, DIY) NEW Jul 2017!
  • wjshaheen/ cave_creek_observatory_construction (Cave Creek Observatory, DIY) NEW Jul 2017!
  • Observatory_Page.htm (D. Chamberlain Observatory, DIY) NEW July 2017!
  • astroimages/stories/ storyReader$532 (Wilkes Observatory, DIY) NEW Jul 2017!
  • noomainastroOH.htm (Noomoon small Observatory, DIY) NEW Jul 2017!
  • sunflowr.html (Sunflower Observatory, DIY) NEW Jul 2017!
  • photos/sc_bobnpat/ sets/72157601586039150/ (Viento Ridger Observatory, DIY) NEW Jul 2017!
  • construction.html (Sunflower Observatory, DIY) NEW Jul 2017!
  • Observatory.html (Meadow View Observatory, DIY) NEW Jul 2017!
  • mso/ observatory.html (Morning Star Observatory, DIY) NEW Jul 2017!
  • Putlands Observatory (Putland's Observatory, DIY) NEW Jul 2017!

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    Observatory dome building tips:

  • (Desert dome, dome calculator) NEW Jul 2017!
  • article.asp?uname=calculation (Geo dome, dome calculator) NEW Jul 2017!
  • extreme-diy-barrys-backyard-observatory (Barrys backyard observatory, DIY) NEW Jul 2017!
  • (Wishing Star Observatory, DIY) NEW Jul 2017!
  • a/Clxem (Fisher Observatory, DIY) NEW Jul 2017!
  • html/construction/const_011.htm (Pictor Observatory, DIY) NEW Jul 2017!
  • wp-content/uploads/ 2014/02/ Personal-Observatory-Project.pdf (Stephen Charnock Observatory, DIY) NEW Jul 2017!
  • library/techin/ athome.pdf (At home in a Dome, DIY) NEW Jul 2017!
  • ~garlitzj/geodome.htm (Joe Garlitz Observatory, DIY) NEW Jul 2017!
  • dome_building_1.asp (Astro-Sharp Observatory, DIY) NEW Jul 2017!
  • observatorydesign.html (Observatory design page, DIY) NEW Jul 2017!
  • (Pulsar Astro Domes, Ready Made) NEW Jul 2017!
  • (Geodesic, dome planes) NEW Jul 2017!

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    CCD and CMOS camera:

  • (INova CCD camera, US) NEW Aug 2017!
  • (Astro-Video cameras, US)
  • (Spectral Instruments CCD cameras, US)
  • (Bitran CCD cameras, Japan)
  • (Bitran CCD cameras)
  • (Princeton Instruments)
  • (ZWO, new astronomy camera)
  • (Andor UK, astronomy cameras)
  • showthread.php?1278-Sony-QX1-Lens-Camera-Module-Review (Sony QX1 review, maybe one day something to use for simpler astro photography?)
  • (Astrel, ccd camera)
  • (SBIG, astronomy ccd camera manufacturer)
  • (Apooge, astronomy ccd camera manufacturer)
  • (Finger Lakes, astronomy ccd camera manufacturer)
  • (Starlight Xpress UK, astronomy ccd camera manufacturer)
  • (Yankee Robotics Trifid cameras)
  • (QHY, astronomy ccd/cmos camera manufacturer)
  • (QSI, astronomy ccd camera manufacturer)
  • (Fishcamp,ccd camera manufacturer)
  • en/products/ (The Imaging Source, astro-ccd manufacturer)
  • (Artemis astronomy, ccd camera, manufacturer)

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    DSLR camera news, analyze and review:

  • (Sony A7S review, by Christian Buil) NEW Jul 2017!
  • best-camera-astrophotography/ (Photoworkout, best camera astrophotography) NEW Jul 2017!
  • html/i_astrop/ cameras.html (Astropix, DSLR camera astrophotography) NEW Jul 2017!
  • best-dslr-cameras-use-astrophotography/ (Opticsden, best DSLR cameras use astrophotography) NEW Jul 2017!
  • samsung-nx1-vs-full-frame-cmos/ (SLR Lounge, SAmsung NX1 vs full frame CMOS) NEW Jul 2017!
  • 2014/07/30/ sony-a7s-astrophotography-review/ (Petapixel, Sony A7S astrophotography review) NEW Jul 2017!
  • articles/31934/ 20150210/love-astrophotography-nikon-d810a ... (Techtimes, astrophotography Nikon D810A) NEW Jul 2017!
  • showthefullpicture/ articles/road-stars-mark-gee-reviews-canon-eos-5d-mark-iv-astrophotography-na/ (EOS World, stars Mark reviews Canon EOS 5D IV astrophotography) NEW Jul 2017!
  • landscapes/iso-review-capture-night-sky-iso-less-nikon-d750-144755 (Fstoppers, ISO review Nikon D750) NEW Jul 2017!
  • sony-a7s-astrophotography-review/ (Lonely Speck, Sony A7S astrophotography review) NEW Jul 2017!
  • nikon-products/ product/dslr-cameras/d810a.html (Nikon USA, Nikon D810A astrophotography) NEW Jul 2017!
  • best-camera-for-astrophotography-get-a-telescope-camera/ (Family Funtures, best camera for astrophotography) NEW Jul 2017!
  • full-frame-vs-crop-sensor-is-full-frame-worth-the-extra-cost/ (Darks Astro, full frame vs crop sensor is full frame worth the extra cost) NEW Jul 2017!
  • the-best-dslr-cameras-for-astrophotography/ (Soggy Astronomer, the best DSLR camera for astrophotography) NEW Jul 2017!
  • articles/ characteristics-of-best-cameras-and-lenses-for-nightscape-astro-photography/ (Clark Vision, characteristics of best cameras and lenses for nightscape astro photography) NEW Jul 2017!
  • best-camera-astrophotography/ (Photoworkout, best camera astrophotography) NEW Jul 2017!
  • 2017/04/ sony-to-introduce-100mp-and-150mp-large.html (Sony sensors 2018, Vladimir Koifman) NEW Apr 2017!
  • products_en/news/ detail/170301.pdf (Sony sensors 2018, PDF Sony) NEW Apr 2017!
  • articles/internal-cut-filter-transmission/ (DSLR Internal Cut Filter / Lowpass Filter / Hot Mirror Transmission Curves)
  • comolli/strum43.htm (Unity gain table DSLR cameras)
  • lineup/microsite/ astrophotography/getstarted/ (Astrophotography with Nikon)
  • (DSLR camera analyze)
  • (Clarkvision, DSLR camera analyze)
  • buil/cameras.htm (Christian Buil, DSLR camera analyze)

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    Focus stepper motors:

  • (USB-focus, manufacturer)

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  • (Filter sliders, Astrocrumb US) NEW Sep 2017!
  • (Solarfilters, Daystar US)
  • (filters, Astrodon US)
  • (Clipin DSLR filters, Astromik Germany)

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    Control program:

  • (High speed auquisition, Genia Capture)
  • (Sharp cap, camera control program)
  • (Sequence Generator, software)
  • (KStars, control your astronomy equipment, even remote control and Linux support)
  • (APT, Canon EOS DSLR and ASCOM camera control)
  • (AstroJan Tools, Canon EOS DSLR camera control)
  • (Firecapture, web camera control)
  • (PK3, web camera control)
  • shutter_eng.html (shutter control for Canon DSLR cameras)
  • astrobond/ (French site about web cameras, some pages in English)
  • (ASCOM, standard drivers)
  • (DC3, astronomy planner)
  • (World Wide Telescope, amazing!)

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    Image processing:

  • index.php?title=Siril (Siril, Free Astro) NEW Apr 2017!
  • (Astrosoft, analyze your image from your telescope and many more)
  • (ImageJ, image editor/annalyze with a lot of plugins for astronomy)
  • (A very advanced astronomy photo processing tool)
  • (A relative new software with modern technology)
  • registax/ (planetary image processing program, lucky imaging)
  • (Fitswork, a German image processing program, very competent and free)
  • fitswork/ (Help for Fitswork, in German, use Googletranslater if needed)
  • buil/us/iris/iris.htm (old today but still advanced function, image processing program)
  • english/ (easy to use preprocessing program)
  • (professional image processing program, UNIX)

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    Image analyze:

  • tutorial/dcraw/ index_en.htm (How to use DCRAW to read raw files)
  • astrogb/ All_Sky_Plate_Solver.html (All sky plate solver, sync to your mount)
  • (Astrometry, needed for "All sky plate solver" above or stand alone)
  • projects/astrotortilla/ (AstroTortilla, plate solver, find astronomy objects coordinates and point adjusting, this is a dream to use together with a goto mount)

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    Star charts:

  • observations/methods/ visual-observation/minor/gnomonic/ (Gnomic projection, International Meteor Organization) NEW Apr 2017!
  • cgi-bin/checkmp.cgi (Minor Planet Center, The International Astronomical Union) NEW Apr 2017!
  • p/imagingtoolbox.html (FOV, Field Of View calculator)
  • (Astrometry, upload and annotate your astronom photo, i.e. find objects in your image)
  • (Light pollution map, find your dark spot)
  • field-view-calculator (FOV, Field Of View calculator)
  • (DSO browser, help you find object for the night)
  • projects/skychart/ (Skychart, CdC, star chart with control functions)

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    Advertisement / Annons:

    Astronomy photos/sketches:

  • (Astronomy photos by Jerry Lodriguss)
  • (The Deep Sky Archive, Skethes)

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    Robotic telescopes:

  • (Bradford Robotic Telescope)
  • (Global Rent a Scope)
  • MicroObservatory/ (Micro Observatory)
  • (SLOOH Space Camera)

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    Tips and tricks:

  • tm/newt-web/ newt-web.html
    (Newton telescope Web design tool by Kenneth H. Slater, math and physics by Dale Keller)
  • ~dmunro/Coma corrector test.html (Correct a SCT telescope with a coma corrector?, by Duncan Munro) NEW Aug 2017!
  • (Next Stars site) NEW Apr 2017!
  • etx/menu.html (Weasner's mighty ETX site) NEW Apr 2017!
  • Astronomy/Projects/Mirrorless/ canon550mirrorless.html (Mark's page about how to remove the mirror on a Canon EOS 550D, GB)
  • astronomy-news/types-of-telescopes/ (Your first telescope, Sky & Telescope, US)
  • astronomy-equipment/how-to-choose-a-telescope/ (How to choose a telescope, Sky & Telescope, US)
  • phototips/nikon-d300-d3-14-bit-versus-12-bit.html (12 bit versus 14 bit)
  • telescopes/osypowski.html (Dobson & Equatorial & Photo)
  • software/formulae.htm (Telescope and camera calculator)
  • spider.html (Diffraction and the Curved Spider)

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  • telescope-reviews (Reviews, Sky at Night magazine) NEW Aug 2017!
  • my_equipment/ equipment_new_en.htm (12" f/4 Newton with 3" coma corrector, by Ivan Eder) NEW Aug 2017!
  • sky-and-telescope-magazine/ beyond-the-printed-page/ tele-vues-3-inch-paracorr/ (Tele Vue's 3" paracorr test, by Dennis di Cicco) NEW Aug 2017!
  • photography/reviews/ pro_optic_500_f6-3.html (500mm f/6.3 mirror lens review, Bob Atkins) NEW May 2017!
  • lenses/mirror-mirror-a-guide-to-choosing-and-using-mirror-lenses/ (Mirror lens review, Advanced Phototech) NEW Apr 2017!
  • 2013/06/ 2542000-10-ritchey-chretien-gso.html (GSO RC 10" tips and trix)
  • (Review of telescopes)
  • (Review of telescopes, Ed Ting)
  • 1.0/section.php?sectionid=12 (Review of telescopes)

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    Work shop and parts:

  • (Tony's workshop in northern Sweden, write to him in Swedish)
  • ppmain/ (Precise Parts, custom built adapters) NEW Sep 2017!
  • (Gears and mechanical parts) NEW Aug 2017!
  • (Gears and mechanical parts)
  • (Edmund Optics)
  • (Erikssons mekaniska, they can manufacture needed mechanical parts to your observatory, Stockholm Sweden)
  • (Maskindelen, needed mechanical parts to your observatory, Sweden)
  • (IronBill, needed mechanical parts to your observatory, Sweden)

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    Meteor and Meteor Shower:

  • files/meteor-shower/ cal2017.pdf (Meteor Showers, International Meteor Orginazation) NEW Apr 2017!

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  • 207076450 (3D flight over Mars by Jan Fröjdman, Vimeo) NEW Mar 2017!
  • watch?v=YZc1Y662jtk (Jupiter, a new fantastic video by Peter Rosen and his team, Youtube) NEW Feb 2017!
  • (Voyager 3, look at this fantastic video what can be done from earth by amateurs to study Jupiter)

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  • 2016/09/29/rosetta-orbiter-mission-ending/ #.qy2ruwMgsqE
    (Mashable, about what Rosetta has found the 2 years it had been orbiting the Comet 67P)
  • (Seiichi Yoshida's comet page)

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  • 7oaGUg7ik_c (How big do tsunamis get?) NEW Jan 2017!
  • passc/ImpactDatabase/ (Earth Impact Database)
  • (information about impacts)
  • wellerr/ meteorite-impact-ref/ metref-loc-Mor-S.htm (information about impacts)
  • mi/ (information about meteorites)

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    Interesting readings about astronomy:

  • re/history_astrophotography_timeline.pdf
    (Timeline of Astrophotography) NEW Jan 2017!
  • wiki/ Great_Paris_Exhibition_Telescope_of_1900 (French 1.25 meter refractor)
  • astro/Giantlenses/ (Giant Lens database)
  • 139407849 (Model of solar system)
  • (Stockholm Observatory)
  • (Hubble Space Telescope)
  • (Lunar and Planetary Institute, LPI)
  • (about space)

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  • (Populär Astronomi, Swedish magazine about astronomy)
  • (have you find any aliens yet?)
  • (astronomy magazine)

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    Astronomy clubs and associations:

  • (Dark Sky Association)
  • http://starmusfestival2014. (Canary Islands)
  • (STAR: STockholms AmatorastronomeR)
  • (SAAF: Svensk Amator Astronomisk Forening)
  • (Sodertorns Radioamatorer)
  • (Astronet, the best Swedish forum for amateur astronomy)
  • (Swedish astronomical youth)

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    Astronomy education:

  • (Amateur Telescope Optics) NEW Sep 2017!
  • sky-at-night.html (Young and new to astronomy? Basic of astronomy)

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  • science/drone-footage-provides-amazing-view-9852653 (Historical SpaceX start and landing at platform 39A in Florida) NEW Feb 2017!
  • guides/space-race (A history of the Race for Space)
  • projectapolloarchive/albums (Apollo archive)
  • (microwave energy for space travel)

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    Space crafts:

  • blog/elon-musks-mission-mars-even-possible/
    (Elon Musk’s Mission To Mars, Is This Even Possible?) NEW Nov 2017!
  • watch?v=H7Uyfqi_TE8
    (Elon Musk's speech how to take us to Mars)
  • watch?v=0qo78R_yYFA
    (Elon Musk's Mars rocket animation)
  • (The Skylone Spaceplane)
  • (SpaceX reusable rocket)
  • (Blue Origin, reuasble rocket)
  • wiki/Spacecraft (Overview Space Crafts)

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    Space Tourism:

  • (Virgin Galactic, space flight)
  • (Space tourism, ballons)
  • (A 20 kilometers space tower)

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