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My astronomy project:
Building an Observatory
(or a playhouse for big boys and girls)


  1. Frame
  2. Roof
  3. Roof mechanics
    1. Different designs of roof mechanisms
    2. Building the mechanism for the roof
    3. Hatch Hinges adjustment
    4. Roof Rail Mechanism
    5. Arm Rail Guiders and Stoppers
    6. Counterweight arm
    7. Counterweight
  4. Floor

I take no responsibility or liability for what are written here, you use the information on your own risk!

Page III.1: Roof design alternatives

Here are the three alternatives of the roof opening designs I have been thought about:

Observatory construction !: left swing, right slide

With roof divided in two parts that one part swing and the other part slide none of them will hit the telescope. For this I need rails outside the observatory. I must slide the roof very far to the right to not hide my free view out from the observatory.

Observatory construction 2: left swing, right swing

With both roof swing on hinges it will be an easy construction. Could be difficult to open and close in heavy winds and other drawbacks.

Observatory construction 3: left swing, right lifted with arms and move

With the right roof lifted by four arms was my plans from beginning, or maybe two arms in one end and a wheel and rail at the other side. With this construction I can had the roof top in the same height as observatory walls when open. This will be the most difficult construction and have it stable enough.

It will work something like this:

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