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Comet photography planning


  1. Introduction
  2. My travel equipment
  3. Setup CdC for comets
  4. Display and print a chart

1: Introduction

Sometimes you can read in newspaper that there is a comet up in the sky. If you live in a city it's not easy or almost impossible to see them. But if you take the car out where there is a dark sky you maybe have a chance to see them. Even better if you can take a photography of them. I have done that from my heavy light polluted place, and sometimes little bit darker place.

Here is the comet 41P Tuttle Giacobini Kresak that I took from a darker place not far from city:

This comet is still up there (12th April 2017) and I plan to try to photography it again, now it's more brighter. And that is what I will write about here, how I plan it with CdC star charts and briefly about my equipment.

For me a bright comet is of magnitude 3, this one is at the best magnitude 6. But you take what you have.

First you have to know something about comets, you can visit my Astronomical Dictionary and follow the links under Solar System:

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