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Astronomy Calculations

Here I collect my calculations related to astronomy. It will be both Excel sheets and web based calculations.


My own Astronomy Excel sheets:

Astronomy Excel sheets

Excel sheet download.

Astronomy Excel sheets

Web calculators below is new to me, to create pages that do calculation.

I think you must have a HTML5 compatible web browser to use it.

What gear ratios do you need in your motor drive of the mount?

Mount gearbox ratio calculator

Web calculator.

Messier 51, Whirlpool galaxy

How many bits of resolution do you need, 8, 16, 24, 32, 64-bits?

Bit resolution calculator

Web calculator.

Pantarrs comet

Find your Sky background, your light pollution:

Sky background calculator

Web calculator.


Magnitude relations, apparent and absolute magnitude distance, B-V and V-R color index linear relations:

Magnitude relations

Web calculator.


Find depth of focus:

Depth of focus

Web calculator.


Find the needed gearbox ratio for the focuser:

Gearbox ratio

Web calculator.


Field of view, exit pupil, magnification:

Exit pupil

Web calculator.


Pixel Scale:

Pixel Scale

Web calculator.

Comet Hyakutake

Angle Conversion between degrees and Radians:

Angle Conversions

Web calculator.


Max exposure time without elongated stars

Max Exposure on tripod

Web calculator.

Max exposure calculator

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