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Astronomy Calculations

Here I collect my calculations related to astronomy. It will be both Excel sheets and web based calculations.


My own Astronomy Excel sheets:

Astronomy Excel sheets

Excel sheet download.

Astronomy Excel sheets

Web calculators below is new to me, to create pages that do calculation.

I think you must have a HTML5 compatible web browser to use it.

Find your Sky background, your light pollution:

Sky background calculator

Web calculator.


Magnitude relations, apparent and absolute magnitude distance, B-V and V-R color index linear relations:

Magnitude relations

Web calculator.


Find depth of focus:

Depth of focus

Web calculator.


Find the needed gearbox ratio for the focuser:

Gearbox ratio

Web calculator.


Field of view, exit pupil, magnification:

Exit pupil

Web calculator.


Pixel Scale:

Pixel Scale

Web calculator.

Comet Hyakutake

Angle Conversion between degrees and Radians:

Angle Conversions

Web calculator.


Max exposure time without elongated stars

Max Exposure on tripod

Web calculator.

Max exposure calculator

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