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My astronomy project:
Building an Observatory
(or a playhouse for big boys and girls)


  1. Frame
  2. Roof
  3. Roof mechanics
    1. Different designs of roof mechanisms
    2. Building the mechanism for the roof
    3. Hatch Hinges adjustment
    4. Roof Rail Mechanism
    5. Arm Rail Guiders and Stoppers
    6. Counterweight arm
    7. Counterweight
  4. Floor

I take no responsibility or liability for what are written here, you use the information on your own risk!

Page III.3: Hatch Hinges adjustment

After I had mounted the panel on the walls I found that I couldn't open the south hatch enough. I have to adjust the hinges to it.

Hatch hinges

This was very easy, I just had to move the hinges 0.01 meter outwards.

Hatch hinges

Now the hatch will open enough, I can open it even more than this if I need.

Hatch hinges

Here you can see that there is space enough between the wall and hatch when it opens.

Hatch hinges

There was one more problem, when I close it it collide with the frame, I have to cut out a part from the edge of the frame, you see my markings on the photo above.

Hatch hinges

Now the edge is cut away and the hatch close as it should.

Hatch hinges

Here is the left side frame of the hatch, I have added a wooden lath to get frame tight against roof panel.

Here I have added the two missing panels at the wall.

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