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How to find these exciting comets?


  1. Comets
  2. How to see a comet?
  3. How to find a comet
  4. Make your own star/comet chart

3: How to find a comet

If you don't want to stay up every night (some people do!) to find a comet by yourselfe there is a lot of information from others. I normally use Seiichi Yoshida's excellent homepage:

Scroll down until you see this:

Seiichi Yoshida's homepage

Click on "Weekly Information about Bright Comets" and you will have a list of comets with the brightest at top, he update this list several times per month.

Seiichi Yoshida comet list

You see the magnitude (m1) and positions for two dates in the table. Click on a comet and you will get even more data for that one:

Seiichi Yoshida data Comet 252P/Linear 2016

Here you have the comets orbital data and a star/comet chart. The circles along the line is the comets position at the labeled day. Scroll down and you have a graph of the comets brightness (magnitude) so you can plan which date to look for it.

Seiichi Yoshida comet brightness graph

Now you know if there is any comets to look for, but can you see them from your place? Read on!

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