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How to find these exciting comets?


  1. Comets
  2. How to see a comet?
  3. How to find a comet
  4. Make your own star/comet chart

1: Comets

Who hasn't heard or read about comets? In earlier time you found information about them in newspapers or more specialized magazines. Nowadays you use the internet.

But why are comets so interesting? Maybe because they look beautiful or they moves relative the stars, something happens up there! The size of them are from a couples of hundred meters to kilometers. A lot of them are active when they are close to the sun and then they could have a very big tail. They are also very old objects, maybe from the age when our solar system was built up, almost five billions years ago. If we can bring parts of a comet back to our laboratories here on Earth we will learn a lot of there compositions and the early history of our solar system.

Here is more to read about comets:

One of the most famous comets are Halley's Comet. This was the first comet where to find it's periodicity, it was Edmond Halley that calculated this in 1705. It's periodicity are 75 to 76 years.

Here is more to read about Halley's Comet:

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