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Small practical knobs and brackets


  1. Latitude adjuster screw
  2. Cable bracket
  3. Spirit level bracket
  4. Handle and USB HUB label
  5. Sight
  6. Battery bracket
  7. To be continued

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5: Sight:

Sight, when doing polar align it will help if I can aim the telescope coarse at the polar star with some sight device.

HEQ5/EQ6 3D-printed Sight for mount

To get some ideas I looked at this page: Sight device, and did the above design in CAD. The front and rear sight, I can adjust the rear sideways (Azimuthal) and at the front I can have a small screw that I can adjust up and down (Altitude).

HEQ5/EQ6 3D-printed Sight for mount

In my case it's not so many places I can install this sight. Just for test I placed the front sight in the form of a screw here. The rear sight I place on top of the focuser control. I need a precision of +/-1.5 degrees or better, the last deviation I can adjust with the mounts Azimuthal and Altitude fine adjustments. But in the dark, will I see anything ? Maybe it needs to be provided with dots of some fluorescent material.

HEQ5/EQ6 3D-printed Sight for mount

The 3D printed sight pair.

HEQ5/EQ6 3D-printed Sight for mount

Dependent of the distance between them maybe the front sight with the screw need another size of the screw's head.

HEQ5/EQ6 3D-printed Sight for mount

I mount the rear sight on top of the focuser controller, the front sight fundament is on another level and in this case I only need the M3 screw as front sight. If this work as I hope in the dark I make a new fundament where I can place the front sight.

The DEC angle must be set to 90 degree.

HEQ5/EQ6 3D-printed Sight for mount

In daylight it work as it's supposed to do, maybe I get a precision of 1 degree. If it's problem to see the front sight I can set some paint on the screw's head.

In practice I only use this for the Azimuthal adjustment, the Altitude I get from the spirit level (smart phone). With this together with the computer assisted polar align built in KStars/Ekos I can polar align better than 10' in 20 minutes.

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