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Small practical knobs and brackets


  1. Latitude adjuster screw
  2. Cable bracket
  3. Spirit level bracket
  4. Handle and USB HUB label
  5. Sight
  6. Battery bracket
  7. To be continued

I take no responsibility or liability for what are written here, you use the information on your own risk!

Small practical knobs and brackets can make the life with the telescope out in the cold much easier, here are some of the latest. Most of them designed in 3D CAD and then 3D-printed.

1: Latitude adjuster screw

The latitude bolt on both my mounts could be better. I have the HEQ5 mount and the EQ6 mount.

HEQ5 mount:

HEQ5/EQ6 Latitude screw adjuster replacement

The latitude adjust bolt is of dimension M10, I replace it with a shorter standard bolt and made this knob in the 3D-printer. Maybe this will save my camera the day the meridian flip fails.

HEQ5/EQ6 Latitude screw adjuster replacement

The knob attached on the new short M10 screw. Compare the length with old screw behind.

HEQ5/EQ6 Latitude screw adjuster replacement

No long screw protruding out of the mount, much less risk to destroy the camera if it hit the mount. With this short screw I can only fine adjust the latitude around where I live, +/- 5 degrees. One turn is about 1.6 degrees.

EQ6 mount:

The adjuster screws of the latitude angle of the EQ6 mount is of the same bad construction as of my HEQ5 mount. It's big risk of the camera or other devices hit these screws because they protrude out a long way. On my HEQ5 mount I replaced the North latitude screw with a shorter M10 and 3D-printed a knob for it. Now I do the same for my EQ6 mount, the South screw I can remove because its function is nothing when living at altitude 60 degrees or higher.

Latitude adjuster screw:

Skywatcher EQ6, latitude adjuster screw

This is the original screw, for sure okay for they who live in Southern Europe. Up here in North where the screw protrude very far out. Big risk that the cables get stuck here or when delay the meridian flip the devices can smash it and be destroyed.

Skywatcher EQ6, latitude adjuster screw

With a shorter M10 screw the problem is much less. The length of the screw is 40 mm, but depends at which latitude you live. Much safer now and very simple to do.

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