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Observatories that I have visited:
Uppsala old observatory, Sweden


  1. Double refractor
  2. Triple refractor
  3. Other side observatories
  4. Astronomy park
  5. To be continued

4: Astronomy park

To have an observatory running there are a need of other facilities. These buildings are also in this Astronomy Park.

Uppsala old Observatory was one of the old observatories from the article "Sweden's old observatories" that I translated not long ago: Sweden's old observatories.

Seismological instrument house:

Uppsala old observatory, Sweden

Maybe this was the meridian observatory. Today it's a seismological instrument in the building.

Workshop and staff quarters:

Uppsala old observatory, Sweden

The most left house was the workshop, mechanical and optics I think. The three buildings to the right was the staffs living quarters.

Professor's residence:

Uppsala old observatory, Sweden

The professor could of course not live among the workers and had his own house.

Uppsala old observatory, Sweden

In front of professor's house is another building, they stored the instrument here when not in use.


Uppsala old observatory, Sweden

A small store built of wood, no idea what they need to store here. In the background the instrument store building in front of professor's house.

Instrument house:

Uppsala old observatory, Sweden

When some of the instrument was not in use they stored them here.

Meteorological observatory:

Uppsala old observatory, Sweden

Built after the astronomical observatory.

Uppsala old observatory, Sweden

The meteorological observatory is housed in a very beautiful building.


Uppsala old observatory, Sweden

The Musicum building was, built 1928 and I think it never had anything to do with the astronomical observatory..

Additional information by Lars:

More about Uppsala's observatory:

Philip from Ice in Space forum told me that there is an Uppsala telescope in Siding spring Australia:

From Ice in Space forum I got this message:
"My name is Barry Gilbert, I'm a founding member of the Tamworth Regional Astronomy Club (TRAC). We have recently acquired the Uppsala 0.5 metre Schmidt telescope from siding spring. It is a rather large heavy telescope, that we disassembled for cheaper crane handling and transport. It is 178 kilometres from Tamworth."

Links provided by Barry:

Wow, that's a place I want to visit !

I found more information about the Schmidt telescope and why it has the Uppsala name. It was built 1956 in Sweden and placed at Mount Stromlo Observatory from 1957 to 1982:

More info about Mount Stromlo Observatory:

Matt from Ice in Space forum has the following to tell:
"The 50cm Uppsala telescope Barry posted about lived for 25 years on top of Mt Stromlo in Canberra. It was moved to Siding Spring Mountain in 1982. The dome on Mt Stromlo was destroyed in the wildfire that swept the mountain 20 years ago. The Uppsala Dome site now houses the McNamara-Saunders Teaching Telescopes in which Geoff McNamara spends his evenings teaching young college students the wonders of the heavens."

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