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Observatories that I have visited:
Uppsala old observatory, Sweden


  1. Double refractor
  2. Triple refractor
  3. Other side observatories
  4. Astronomy park
  5. To be continued

3: Other side observatories

There are more observatories in the Astronomy Park. We walk around in the park and looking at them.

Uppsala old Observatory was one of the old observatories from the article "Sweden's old observatories" that I translated not long ago: Sweden's old observatories.

Other side observatories:

Uppsala old observatory, Sweden

There are two other small observatory buildings.

Uppsala old observatory, Sweden

I read somewhere that all these observatories are empty today. But I also read that there is a Newton reflector in one of them.

Uppsala old observatory, Sweden

The hatch for the telescope where the observer look through with the telescope.

Uppsala old observatory, Sweden

All these buildings are placed in a beautiful park. We could read at one sign that the flowers are planted in star constellation patterns.

Uppsala old observatory, Sweden

Another hatch for a telescope of some kind.

Uppsala old observatory, Sweden

A view back to the main building from one of the small observatories with its shadow.

Additional information by Lars:

More about Uppsala's observatory:

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