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Cleaning the camera sensor


  1. Cleaning the camera sensor
  2. Micro fiber spatula
  3. To be continued

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2: Micro fiber spatula

New kind if spatula:

When the situation feels hopeless you must find new solutions. What I see is that the main problem is that the spatula don't pickup the dust, only move it around on the sensor. The smaller of my spatulas also left some new debris on the sensor. The material of the spatula's top is important. After reading on the internet and consulting my friend Rolf I decided that the spatulas with a fabric top must be the way to go. They have the top made of micro fiber fabric.

Cleaning the camera sensor

I found these at Amazon, there where several to choose from, just picket one of them. The price can be huge, 5 Euro each, but these were cheaper, about 1 Euro each. The kit hold 20 of them, each hermetic sealed. This was the dry variant, there is also a wet variant. If I need to clean the sensor more intense I set a drop of Isopropyl alcohol on the spatula top.

Cleaning the camera sensor

Comparison of the different spatulas I have, the new is the one at bottom. This one is made for full frame sensors and are 24 mm wide. The edges of it is sharp which make it easier to reach the corners of the sensor.

Cleaning the camera sensor

The two old to the left has some sort of plastic top, the new to the right has a micro fiber fabric top.

Cleaning of the sensor:

Cleaning the camera sensor

With this new wide wide spatula I only have to swipe once in each directions, I change side of the spatula when I change the direction. Be very careful when doing this, the shutter is very sensitive, if you touch it will be destroyed.

Cleaning the camera sensor

This is how the sensor looks before I start to clean it. Will it be worse or better ?

Cleaning the camera sensor

1st cleaning, much better, never been this good earlier.

Cleaning the camera sensor

I try to reuse the spatula to get rid of the last dirt, but that didn't work. Got more new dirt now.

Cleaning the camera sensor

Open a new spatula and clean the sensor one more time. I don't use any chemicals now, only breathe on the sensor to get some condensation on it. Only one dust dot in the center.

Cleaning the camera sensor

The last I do is to only use the blower to get rid of the last dust. When the big dot in center disappears the contrast increase and the other smaller dust get more visible.

If this had been the first time I see the sensor I would say it's dirty, but now when I know how difficult the cleaning process is I would say it's very good.

By the way, don't throw away the used spatulas, you can use them to other not so critical cleaning.

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