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My astronomy project:
Star Adventurer, new tripod modification


  1. New tripod
  2. Modify the tripod to be more compact
  3. Different setups
  4. Removing of the outer legs
  5. Replacing the center column

I take no responsibility or liability for what are written here, you use the information on your own risk!

1: Used Manfrotto 144 tripod

When I use my Star Adventurer mount I use a very steady tripod to it. But this tripod is very long even when folded and I can't brought it when travel by flight. I have an alternative with very light setup but that one only works to wide angle lenses.

Now I bought an used tripod and that will be my project. To make it compact and light.

Manfrotto 144 tripod to Star Adventurer

It's a Manfrotto Italy made tripod, model 144. I think it's very old, but it's very stable, exactly what I need. It has a bolt of 5/8" which make it more stable when I can direct connect to the Star Adventurer which has a 5/8" thread. The weight of it is about 2.4 kg.

There are spare parts to find even today:

I don't know what camera weight it's rated for, but must be more then 10 kg.

Manfrotto 144 tripod to Star Adventurer

The big 5/8" threaded bolt.

Manfrotto 144 tripod to Star Adventurer

The Stat Adventurer fits perfect on top of the Manfrotto tripod. Even if my earlier tripod was very stable this one is not far from that and it's much smaller.

Manfrotto 144 tripod to Star Adventurer

I want this tripod to fit into my luggage when travel. A normal size inside a luggage is 0.5 meter. This tripod is 0.6 meter long when folded, have to do something about it.

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