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My astronomy project:
Building an Observatory
(or a playhouse for big boys and girls)


  1. Frame
  2. Roof
    1. Building the roof frame
    2. Building the door
    3. Building the hatch
    4. Mounting the roof panels
    5. Roof top panels
    6. Roof side panels
  3. Roof mechanics
  4. Floor

I take no responsibility or liability for what are written here, you use the information on your own risk!

Page II.2: Building the door

New weekend and today it's time to build a door to the observatory.

The first par t of the frame to the door

Here is the first part of the frame to the door with its hinges mounted.

Observatory door frame

Now the frame is finished and it's time to mount the panel.

The white door panel

When we did a renovation of another house we got some used white panels left over. Just cut the bad part away from the end, a new paint will later make them as new.

The door was complicated to get to work properly, maybe I replaced it with a readymade door that I cut down to correct size.

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