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My astronomy projects DIY

This is for you that think it's better to spend time then money on your hobbies.

Be careful if you want to do something similar as I do here. I do many mistakes and what's right for me can be wrong for you and your equipment, you can destroy it!

How to build a equatorial mount that don't need meridian flip?

Project: Equatorial meridian flipless mount
Equatoriel mount with ni meridian flip

Rebuilding the telescope box to a telescope Carriage.

Project: Telescope Carriage
Telescope Carriage

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Why don't design your own Newton telescope?

Project: Design a Newton telescope
Design tool Newt Web 

Astroserver and powerunit ver2.

Project: Astroserver ver2
Astroserver and powerunit ver2 

Big binocular, 25x100mm.

Project: Big binocular
Big binocular, 25x100mm 

I just come by this simple EQ2 mount. Have not yet figure out to what use.

Project: EQ2 mount
project: EQ2 mount 

My full frame camera needs a bigger flattener to reduce the vignetting. This time I built my flattener system from a 3" x1 Altair Planostar Flattener.

Project: Three Inch Flattener
Three Inch Flattener

I'm sure many as I have thought about those small Raspberry computers and if they can be used as an astroserver. Can an old Windows guy like me learn how to build and use one?

Project: Raspberry for Astronomy
Raspberry for Astronomy

An observatory is something that I have dreamed about for many years. This is how I build mine.

Project: Building an Observatory

To my new transportable mount I need some shorter focal length lens. A Sigma APO 150mm f2.8 maybe. I did some simple test how the vignetting looks.

Project: Sigma APO 150mm f2.8 lens
Repair of Star Adventurer

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Repair of Skywatcher's Star Adventurer and looking inside

Project: Repair Star Adventurer
Repair of Star Adventurer

Fight Light pollution with synchronized streetlamps

Project: Light Pollution Fight
Batterybox and astroserver

Make a database of stars to use in CdC for color calibration

Project: Star database for CdC
Batterybox and astroserver

Making of battery box and astroserver

Project: Battery box and astro server
Batterybox and astroserver

Making of a concrete pier for a EQ6 mount.

Project: Pier mount

Fullframe adapter modification for Riccardi 2.5" field flattener to TS130 APO refractor and off-axis adapter implementation.

Project: Modify adapters
adapter building for flatfield and off axis adapter

Implement a stepper motor focus with temperature compensation.

Project: Motor focus
adapter building for flatfield and off axis adapter

Making a heating band for anti dew.

Project: Heating band
adapter building for flatfield and off axis adapter

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My old astronomy projects DIY

My first digital camera setup.

Project: EQ4 mount and Canon 350D
adapter building for flatfield and off axis adapter

My first attempt to build a stepper motor focus.

Project: Motor stepper focus
adapter building for flatfield and off axis adapter

How to get raw files from a web camera.

Project: Web camera raw
adapter building for flatfield and off axis adapter

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