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My astronomy project:
Building a pier to my EQ6 mount


  1. Introduction and steel plate * (You are here!)
  2. Making of the two concrete piers
  3. Assemble it together
  4. Find north and level mount
  5. Drainage

1: Introduction and steel plate

I take no responsibility or liability for what are written here, you use the information on your own risk!

Who is the person who don't want a permanent observatory? With a observatory you can leave parts of your equipment in place and have a polar aligned mount ready for astro photography.

I already have the EQ6 mount and had drawing some planes how to mount it on a self made concrete pier. I started with the steel plate that will connect mount with the concrete pier.

I was lucky to find a workshop that could manufacture these steel plates, I let them made two of them.

I chose the size 25 cm in diameter and 12 mm thick. Little bit to big for my EQ6 mount. But that leave space to mount a EQ8 when I get tired of my EQ6. Note that there is a small notches in the edge of previous cutting but it doesn't matter. I placed my holes very far out on the edge of the possible because of future EQ8 demands. There are three 18.1 mm holes and in the center a 12 mm. Later on, I also drill a hole and thread for stop to the mount head.

01 steel plate
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