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August 21, 2017

Welcome to my home!


(the pages could be a mix of Swedish and English)


19th August 2017

  • My first photo with my new observatory:

    M31 Andromeda
    (M31 Andromeda Galaxy, by Astrofriend)
  • M31 Andromeda by Astrofriend

    18th August 2017

  • My observatory DIY project has come long now, have you seen the last details?:

    Observatory DIY by Astrofriend
    (Observatory DIY, by Astrofriend)
  • Observatory DIY by Astrofriend

    28th July 2017

  • On a Japanese rocket on the way to ISS they have mounted a Sony A7S II and filmed Earth in 4k:

    4k Earth video
    (4k Earth video from space, Youtube)

  • June 2017

  • NASA Releases Kepler Survey Catalog with Hundreds of New Planet Candidates:

    NASA, Kepler Survey
    (NASA, Kepler Survey)

  • June 2017

  • My visit to Sundby Gård car meeting:

    Sundby Gård
    (Sundby Gård, Car meeting 2017)

  • April 2017

  • Take a look at my new sub page "Astronomical Dictionary", lots of positive comments:

    (Astronomical Dictionary, Astrofriend with Wikipedia links)

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    New links

    July 2017

  • A boring day I take a new look of what pages of what I could find about: Reviews of DSLR for astrophotography

    (New links, reviews of DSLR for astrophotography, Astrofriend)
  • See also observatory DIY links:

    (New links, observatory DIY links, Astrofriend)
  • And observatory dome DIY links:

    (New links, observatory dome links, Astrofriend)
  • June 2017

  • DIY project, schlieren photography. Make The Invisible Visible. Exiting experiment you can do by your self with an old telescope mirror: watch?v=4tgOyU34D44
    (Schlieren photography, Youtube)

  • May 2017

  • Kulturarv Stockholm. Massor av gamla Stockholmsbilder och information:
    (Kulturarv Stockholm)

  • May 2017

  • Out of ideas of where to go with your car in Sweden? Here is a lot of inspirations where to go: transportsatt/26
    (Car trips in Sweden, Trippa, only Swedish)
  • You find above links later on the link page:

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    Must do stuff

    (look carefully that it has not been canceled or has a changed date)

    9th September 2017

  • Classic Car and Customs at Sundby Gård

    http://www.classic cars and
    (Classic Car and Customs, Sweden Stockholm)

  • 21th August 2017

  • Solar Eclipse August, 2017 (US): 37317-best-places-to-see-2017-total-solar-eclipse.html/
    (Best places to see 2017 total solar eclipse,
  • Solar Eclipse August, 2017 (US):
    (Eclipse data)
    (Easy to go solar eclipse in US 2017, NASA)

  • 16th August 2017

  • Car meetings at Sundby Gård, every Wednesday with fine weather!
    (Car meetings at Sundby Gård, Sweden Stockholm)
  • This is the best car meeting place we have in Stockholm according to my opinion.

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