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September 24 2016

Welcome to my home!

Must do stuff !

(look carefully that it has not been canceled or a changed date)

  • mid august, 2017 (US) 2017/path_through_the_US.htm/ SEgoogle/SEgoogle2001/ SE2017Aug21Tgoogle.html
    (Easy to go solar eclipse in US 2017)

  • 17th September, 2016 jarnvagsmuseum/publik-trafik/museitag/aktuella-resor/argangstaget-17-sept/
    (Old Train day Gävle Sweden)

  • 2nd & 3rd September, 2016 showevent.php?id=89
    (Meeting under the Stars, Mariestad Sweden)

  • Mariestad Star Party report:

    Mariestad Star Party 2016
    (MAK Star party report) NEW!

  • My own photo of M13 from that Starparty:
    (My wide angle photo of the globular cluster M13) NEW!
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  • 12th & 13th August, 2016 (check date/time for your local place!) astronomy/meteor-shower/perseid.html
    (Perseid Meteor shower)

  • How to photograph a Meteor Shower, tutorial by Jerry Lodriguss astronomy-blogs/ capturing-the-perseids-how-to-photograph-a-meteor-shower/
    (Article in Sky&Telescope) NEW!

  • This meteor shower was very intensive, it was wonderful to see, but didn't got very much on my photo

    My own photo of Perseid Meteor shower
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