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March 26 2017

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March 2017

  • watch?v=-7xvqQeoA8c
    (New amazing robot, Boston Dynamics) NEW March 2017!

  • travel/europe/ travel-europe-andalusia-west/ andalusia-malaga-cordoba.html (New round trip in Andalusia, Spain) NEW March 2017!
  • This time we visited the cities:
    Malaga, Cordoba, Seville, Cadiz, Algeciras, Ronda, Marbella.

    February 2017

  • press-release/nasa-telescope-reveals-largest-batch-of-earth-size-habitable-zone-planets-around
    (NASA telescope reveals largest batch of earth size habitable zone planets around single star) NEW February 2017!

  • watch?v=PVRyMvYVHGQ
    (Optical illusion, amazing!)

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    New links

    March 2017

  • 207076450 (3D flight over Mars by Jan Fröjdman, Vimeo) NEW March 2017!

  • watch?v=glf_k4qGBAA (Koenigseggs new gearless drive, a Swedish sports car) NEW March 2017!

  • February 2017

  • (Transfer service, Door to Gate, Sweden Arlanda airport, Something new I have found, last Spain tour we used this transfer service and it worked perfect) NEW March 2017!

  • science/drone-footage-provides-amazing-view-9852653 (Historical SpaceX start and landing at platform 39A in Florida) NEW!

  • watch?v=YZc1Y662jtk (Jupiter, a new fantastic video by Peter Rosen and his team, Youtube) NEW!

  • You find above links later on the link page:

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    Must do stuff

    (look carefully that it has not been canceled or had changed date)

  • mid August, 2017 (US) 2017/path_through_the_US.htm/ SEgoogle/SEgoogle2001/ SE2017Aug21Tgoogle.html
    (Easy to go solar eclipse in US 2017)
  • March 2017

    (My first photo of the comet 41P/Tuttle-Giacobini-Kresak) NEW March 2017!
  • March 2017

    mainfiles/images/ comets-20170322.jpg
    (A skymap (CdC or Skychart) where you will find the comet 41P/Tuttle-Giacobini-Kresak, from location Stockholm in Sweden in march 2017, you see it in the Eastern direction 10 pm. It will open in a new window) NEW March 2017!
  • March 2017 comet/catalog/0041P/2017.html
    (A 5 magnitude comet will visit us in mars 2017, 41P/Tuttle-Giacobini-Kresak)

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