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3D CAD drawing:
CAD design with spiral pattern


  1. CAD design with spiral pattern

I take no responsibility or liability for what are written here, you use the information at your own risk!

1, CAD design with spiral pattern:


When I designed a LED stripe holder I faced a new problem, how to design a spiral pattern in FreeCAD.

The AstroEQ box:

CAD design with spiral pattern

This is the result of my my CAD design of a spiral pattern formed holder. In these groves I will insert the LED stripe. It's open on one side to let the air cool it down. The other side act as a diffuser.

More parts will be added later.

The road to do this:

  1. Make a spiral in mode 'Part' and the 'Creation of parametrized primitives'
  2. In 'Draw' mode, 'Transfer Draft to Sketch'
  3. Move to Pad Design
  4. Connect circles 'Pad Design' mode
  5. Make a cylinder
  6. Do a pocket in the cylinder from the spiral

There are very good tutorials on YouTube by 'AllVisuals4U' and 'MangoJelly' and some extra help on Wikipedia:

CAD design with spiral pattern

Early in the morning I started the 3D-Printer, it's a 17 hours work.

CAD design with spiral pattern

One mistake, the wall was too thin and failed to print, still I can use it as a prototype. New design where I made the wall thicker.

CAD design with spiral pattern

Direct out from the 3D-Printer, the biggest part I ever have printed.

CAD design with spiral pattern

Install the LED stripe in the spiral pattern.

CAD design with spiral pattern

Middle section, here a diffuser will be placed. All the design is done in 'Pad Design' mode, Pads and Pockets.

CAD design with spiral pattern

The end section that connect to the camera. If necessary it could be placed another diffuser here.

If all these three parts function as I hope I will place them here for download as STL files later.

Have a look at my flat image project also: Flat box page.

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