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Chrysler Crossfire
Checking the rear springs

This is one information page of my collection of what I have repaired on my Crossfire.

You should not do any repair on your car if you don't have enough experience and knowledge! You use this information at your own risk! Don't blame me if something goes wrong.

It's very dangerous to work with the springs. A compressed spring has a lot of power, you can be killed if you do it in a wrong way. Let the workshop do it if you are not a specialist !


If you have a Mercedes SLK R170 with a 320 engine it's almost exact the same.

You have to work with critical parts when doing work on suspension. Only do this if you have enough knowledge !

Chrysler Crossfire, spring rear

4, Plan for camber adjusting:

When inspecting the tires I can see that the right tire is a little bit more worn on the inside. It could be that the camber angle is too much negative, the wheel is tilted inwards. But on Mercedes SLK R170 the camber angle at rear is not adjustable. You have to replace a control arm with an adjustable one if you want to adjust it.

Upper control arm:

Chrysler Crossfire: Checking the rear springs

This upper arm (behind the stabilizer bar) is the one that has to be adjusted in length to correct the camber angle. It's not possible, it must be replaced by one that make this possible. Normally there are some worn rubber bushings that cause this problem and they should be checked first and replaced if needed. The car can also had an accident. If you lower the car a lot the camber has to be adjusted, also the toe in / out angle. The latter is possible to adjust as it is on one of the lower arms.

Chrysler Crossfire: Checking the rear springs

The outer pivot point of the upper control arm.

Chrysler Crossfire: Checking the rear springs

The other side of the same bolt, the nut that has to be loosen when replacing this arm. It can not be done without some other part are taken away, beware of the spring and the strong force it's compressed with. Don't do anything by your self, it's very dangerous.

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