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Travel News

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My travel in Europe:
By train in Southern Germany, 2023


Planning for a round trip in Southern Germany:

The round trip we did in Northern Germany 2022 was exiting, now 2023 we are planning a similar train tour in Southern Germany. We have read that Germany will sell these train/bus tickets even 2023 with start in May. They will not cost 9 Euro this year but 49 Euro and last for one month. Still very cheap.

Germany use Euro so the money will not be a problem and the internet by the smartphone is free for us in EU.

The new trip, 2023:

This time we travel by train and can only follow the way where there are rails. We have started to list interesting stays along a possible trip. We plan for a three weeks travel, but looks that we need six weeks, at least:

Possible Stops along our trip
Alternative 1 Alternative 2 info map Comments
Stockholm Flight          
Karlsruhe Train     info map  
Heidelberg Train     info map  
Wurzburg Train     info map must visit
Rothenburg ob der Tauber Train     info map must visit
Ansbach Train     info map  
    Ulm   info map  
Truchtlingen Train Nuremberg Train info1
  Train Regensberg Train info map  
  Train Platting Train info map  
Augsburg Train Landshut Train info1
Munich Train     info map  
Kempten Train Memmingen Train info1
Lindau Train info map
Singen Train     info map  
    Freiburg im Breisgau   info map  
Offenburg Train     info map  
Mannheim Train     info map  
Mainz Train     info map  
Koblenz Train     info map  
Cologne (Köln) Train     info map  
Stockholm Flight          

This are the stops we start with in our planning. These are only the big ones where there is a railway station. Between them there are a lot of nice small towns. Now we will go through all of them and see what's interesting for us. The stops as it looks for the moment:

Places we want to visit:

Place Info Map Comment
Zeppelin Museum Friedrichshafen info map  
  info map  

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An earlier visit in Southern Germany:

I visited Southern Germany already 1988 by car with friends. A great memory for me, you can follow that trip here: Germany 1988.

Souther Germany 1988

Our first stop at an old town, Wurzburg, 1988.

Southenr Germany 1988

Rothenburg ob der Tauber 1988, very nice memories from this town, We hope for a stop even on this new trip.

Souther Germany 1988

One of the last stops, Heidelberg.

A possible order how we take the stops on our new trip:

The short alternative 1 is 1317 km long, not much for three weeks travel.

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