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3D CAD drawing:
Mio Enjoy recliner couch foot


  1. CAD coach spare foot

I take no responsibility or liability for what are written here, you use the information at your own risk!

1, CAD coach spare foot:

Mio Enjoy recliner coach:

3D CAD: Compass mount

A year ago we bought a Mio recliner coach, now one of the feet has got broken. To order a new one will take a lot of time, better to let the 3D-printer do the work. Then I can easy 3D-print more of them in the future.

3D CAD: Compass mount

This is how the foot looks like, a black part made of plastic.

3D CAD: Compass mount

Here should be another foot, but now broken. Must be replaced before we destroy the floor.

The broken foot:

3D CAD: Compass mount

This is the broken foot, the bottom of it has separated from the bolt.

3D-CAD spare foot:

3D CAD: Compass mount

This was easy to make a 3D-drawing to, made some rounded edges to it.

3D CAD: Compass mount

3D-printer in action, it took 30 minutes to print with 0.2 resolution and 40% infill. ABS pro filament. 80 degree C heat bed and 235 degree C nozzle. There is an STL file for download on the 3D main page if you need one.

3D CAD: Compass mount

Finished with the brim still left.

3D CAD: Compass mount

Compare the new (white) with the old broken foot.

3D CAD: Compass mount

Installed on the coach.

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