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An introduction to AstroImageJ


  1. Introduction
  2. Download and Installation
  3. My own downloadable macros
  4. How to use "Masterflats from CR2 files" macro
  5. How to use "Calibrated object files from CR2 files" macro
  6. How to align rggb files
  7. How to stack rggb object files

I take no responsibility or liability for what are written here, you use the information at your own risk!

5, How to use "Calibrated object files from CR2 files" macro:

File name order

Before you start you have the option to set the output filenames.

Earlier it set the filename like this, Color order:
Red_1001, Red_1002, Red_1003 ...... Gren1_1001, Green1_1002, Green1_1003 .....

But now it is setup like this, Time order:
1001_Blue, 1001_Green1, 1001_Green2, 1001_Red, 1002_Blue, 1002_Green1, 1002_Green2, 1002_Red .......

Time is to prefer if there is a small drift because of bad polar align or a comet that moves relative stars, that's the default. If you want to have setup like it did earlier you can change the parameter from order="time" to order="color".

You find the line in the macro:


Flat calibration or not

Another new option is that you can set it up if you want to flat calibrate or not.

Look for this text in the macro file:

// New parameter added, now it's possible to choose with or without flat calibration
// Set flatcal="flat" or flatcal="noflat"

print(" ");
print("Flat calibration = " + flatcal);

Edit the parameter to flatcal="xxx" as you want it, flat or noflat.

In the macro "Calibrated_object files from CR2 files.txt", it's an ascii file, you can use notepad to edit it. Normally you don't change it.

When you have your masterflats prepared you can do this next step.

AstroImageJ, AIJ: plugin files

Here are where I have my test object files in CR2 format.

AstroImageJ, AIJ: plugins

Start macro "Calibrated object files from CR2 files"

AstroImageJ, AIJ: open object file directory

First it ask where you have your raw CR2 object files.

AstroImageJ, AIJ: open masteflats

Then it ask where you have your master flats, it will repeat this to all four colors. You will see in the title which you shall open.

AstroImageJ, AIJ: log of make calibrated object files

Now the demosaic and calibration process will start, you can follow it in the log windows.

AstroImageJ, AIJ: finished calibrated files

When finished it will look something like this.

With the images are separated in its four colors it opens the possibility to do more advanced processing.

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