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Not my own projects:
Lars B's projects


  1. Lars B's projects, casting parts for a mount
  2. Assembling the parts to a mount

I take no responsibility or liability for what are written here, you use the information on your own risk!

2, Lars B's projects, assembling the parts to a mount:

Overview of the parts assembled together:

Now Lars B. has finished the casting of the parts and the machining of them. They can now be assembled together and a first test can be done. The RA gear has 400+ teeth and the stepper motor has 400 steps per revolution. With micro stepping there should not be necessary with a second gearbox. But will it also be small fine steps good enough for astrophotographing in reality ?

Lars B's projects

Lars B's comment:
Hi, just need to share with me the latest status of my assembly. When I put on a telescope and look at a spruce, there is 0 backlash, every tick in the stepper motor is visible even when I changing direction. I'm a little worried that I will have to have a second gearbox anyway.

A video of the mount:

Lars also have a small mount built with a 3D-printer, see his video here:

See how the wedge center the weight at center of the tripod point when you adjust the altitude angle.

The 3D drawing and the 3D software Lars use:

When my own 3D-printer is ready I also have a lot of equipment to build with it, one of them is a more stable and practical wedge to my Star Adventurer.

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